September 17, 2019

Chicken Tagine with Apricots and Prunes [Recipe]

My definition of good food is that it makes you want to roll around on the floor shouting mammmmmmmma! This dish will make you want to roll around on the floor and shout grannnndmaaaaaaaaa! But this is NOT that bland and boiled grandma meal made from food that is two steps away from dying itself.

Enlivened with cinnamon and other warming spices, this chicken will embrace your heart in a way that will link you directly to the ubiquitous superhero grandma that we all know and feel, even if yours is buried ten feet underground. The grandma that loves you unconditionally even when you fail a test or hit your brother. The grandma that has a piece of candy in her purse for you at temple just when you thought you would die of boredom and starvation. The grandma that pinches your cheeks and tells you how beautiful you are even when those cheeks are covered in atrocious pimples. The grandma whose joy in life is you.

Grandma equals love. And so does this chicken.

Remember, love can be tasted so pour your heart in when you cook.

for 3-5 people (this recipe can easily be doubled)

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