May 26, 2019

Motherhood 101 – Dangerous Roads

My son got his learner’s permit the very first day he was able. He made an appointment at the DMV, found the driving school he wanted to use, and started to look for cars. He was excited to drive, and had saved his Bar Mitzvah money to buy a car. He had a plan and stuck to it. I was happy for him to have reached the milestone, but have been terrified from the first day he drove. That daily fear continues today and will be there for the rest of my life.

When I gave Charlie driving lessons he called me “Howler Mom” because he said I screamed like a howler monkey when he drove. I did. It is horrible when your baby starts to drive. He is thankfully a great driver, but it is not just your child you worry about when they take the car out, but rather the maniacs they share the road with. Driving is a big deal and a mom never stops worrying about it. I cannot really sleep until I know he is home safe. Driving is a major stress point that comes with motherhood.

Last week Charlie was driving on the 405 freeway and noticed a box spring in the middle of the lane next to his. A car came up on that lane and tried to avoid hitting it, but managed to clip the box spring, and sent is flying. The airborne box spring then crashed into the front of Charlie’s car. He is lucky he did not lose control of the car, or get in an accident, or have it go through the front windshield. He was shaken but safe.

His car was totaled, but thank God he is okay. The car that he bought with his Bar Mitzvah money, the car he has treated like a baby for 6 six years, is headed to the junkyard and he is sad to see the poor girl go. I have been on edge since it happened because you just never know what can happen. Things can literally come out of nowhere and change everything. The scariest part is that you can’t prepare for it.

This weekend I bought my baby a new baby. It is not the car of his dreams, but that is a car he will buy for himself one day. I bought him a safe and reliable used car, and he is both happy and appreciative. I am counting my blessings he is okay and thankful to his old car for keeping him safe. You just never know what will happen, so be safe out there. I am counting my blessings, saying thanks, and keeping the faith.