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Keyes of Van Nuys Disappoints

Oy vey with these people already. I know I wrote about my unfortunate car salesman experience, then how Keyes stepped up to the plate and got me into the car I wanted with a great deal, but I simply have to write about them again because I’m angry and frustrated. In the grand scheme of things, it could be viewed as unimportant, but this is bad business and I am calling them out.

I have personalized plates on my car. I have for about twenty years. I love my plates and they matter to me. When I bought my new car, I told them a dozen times about the plates. They assured me it was not going to be a problem and they would be reassigned from the old car to the new one. I asked and nudged over and over again. I was assured each time the plates were taken care of.

When I was done with the paperwork and was being shown the car, I again asked about the plates. They showed me my personalized plates had been put on the new car, then covered with a Keyes sticker. I was instructed to keep them covered until the new registration arrived, then take the sticker off and enjoy my beloved plates on my beautiful new car. It was a done deal and I was very happy.

You can imagine my surprise when last week I received not only my new car registration, but new plates. Run of the mill, random numbers I will never remember, plates. I called the finance guy at Keyes who did the paperwork and he had the chutzpa to tell me he did not remember my having personalized plates. Really? I then called the sales manager and he said he’d call me right back.

When he called days later he told me he didn’t know how the mistake happened, but not to worry as he would fix it. Then I didn’t hear from him for days. Then he called and said there was nothing they could do, but If I went to a AAA office, they would fix it in five minutes. Really? I was annoyed. They screwed up, they lied, and I needed to fix it myself

I went to AAA and my five minute visit took over an hour. Why? Because my personalized plates, the ones I love so much, had been reported stolen to the DMV, who then reported them stolen to the police department, and if I were stopped for any reason with the plates on my car, I would be arrested for theft. Really? Yes, really. Keyes of Van Nuys is now officially back on my shit list and I’m over them.

Turns out that when I bought my new car, and they promised me up and down the plates were transferred over, they never actually did the paperwork. When they sold my old car, my personalized plates went with it. When the new owners of my old car drove went to the DMV, they were told my personalized plates were still registered to the car, and so the plates were reported stolen.

So……… the DMV lets the police know the plates have been stolen, and my new car is now cruising around with stolen plates, which are actually my plates, but still stolen. I leave AAA and go to the DMV thinking they will fix the problem quicker than AAA. Two hours later I was told I need to come back first thing in the morning so they can get Sacramento on the phone to unravel the mess. Dear Lord.

So after a day of running around, a week of chasing Keyes for some help, I have my stolen plates in the trunk of my car, the new plates I will never remember on my car, and will need to devote another couple of hours to trying to get my plates back. Important to note that the sales manager sent me an email that was bullshit, and the owner never bothered to reply to my emails at all. Fascinating.

At the end of the day it would appear that once I left the lot they stopped being concerned with customer service. It will take a investment of time to try and get back my plates. I’m on my own because Keyes of Van Nuys is nothing but a bunch of car salesmen who cannot be trusted. Take your business somewhere else, be sure they transfer your plates, and please pray the DMV gives me back my plates. I am keeping the faith.