June 26, 2019

Love 101: Full Makeup at Bedtime

When my beloved father passed away almost 14 years ago, my mother moved in with my older sister. She has been there ever since and it is a blessing because they have each other and we don’t worry about our mom being alone. I loved my father very much and I miss him every minute of every day, but he was the only man my mother ever loved and his passing devastated her. They shared a love story and even though it was occasionally a rocky road, there was always love.

It took them a long time to be happy after a lot of pain and sorrow, so for their journey to end with him being taken away by cancer was impossible to understand. Last night my sister went into my mother’s room to check on her before going to sleep. When she approached her, she saw mom was not only in full makeup, but had done her hair. From diamond clasps in her sweptup do, to the red lipstick, she looked like she was going dancing not to sleep.

My sister immediately thought something was wrong with her and wondered if she needed to call a doctor. She asked her if she was ok. My mother responded that of course she was. My sister gently asked why she had done her hair and makeup before bed. My mother told her she made herself up so she would look pretty if she saw our dad in her dreams. My sister tucked mom into bed, then burst into tears. She then called to tell me, and I burst into tears. It was crushing.

It was also lovely. My dad fell in love with my mom the very second he saw her and she has loved him ever since. While their relationship was certainly not perfect, it was special and it mattered to their children. I want to love someone as much as my mother continues to love my father. When I called my mom to say her dream plan was wonderful, she said I’d find love like it one day too. She’s such a mom. I adore her. Love never dies if you’re keeping the faith.