June 18, 2019

Dating 101: Take Care Google

I have been quietly dating a man named “Google” for a couple of months. He is smart, funny, interesting, attractive, Jewish, complicated, charming, and sadly unworthy of time with me. Our relationship has ended, and while I will miss him, I am not sad. There are some hurt feelings I suppose, but there are no bad feelings. I have nothing unkind to say about this man. The simple truth is I adore him and at the end of the day we were simply not on the same page.

The frustration lies in the fact that even though we were’t on the same page, we were reading the same book. I was just a better reader. I was focused on the book while he kept putting the book down to do something else. It is a shame because we had something special together. At the end of the day I am too fabulous to be with someone who does not get exactly how fabulous I am. Things end with my knowing I was always kind, fair, and lovely to him.

Perhaps it was bad timing, but it is over and life goes on. I will end 2016 grateful for our time together because I was brave and bold. I like who I was with him and am therefore inspired to embrace the parts of myself I discovered through him. I am going to enjoy Chanukah with my son, ring in the new year quietly at home, and head to London in January for a couple months of work. At 50 years old I am able to value myself in a way that empowers me.

I am too old to fix anyone and my time is better spent inproving myself. In the past I have stayed in relationships longer than I should have because I was hopeful things would end up as I wanted. It sadly came from not valuing myself, but at this point in my life I am thankfully aware of what I bring to a relationship and am unwilling to waste my time with someone who is unclear on who they are and what they want. I’m not interested in playing mind games.

To Google, I am unclear on what happened, or where you went, but I hope you find the balance missing in your life. He is a good man who in the end was unkind. I’m looking for someone, so will keep searching until I find him. It is important that on the days I am unable or unwilling to look, I keep my heart open so he can find me. Dating doesn’t need to be complicated. Know what you want and be brave. Not everything will make sense or be explained, so stay positive and focus on keeping the faith.