June 26, 2019

Crying over Diamonds

Diamonds are my birthstone and when I turned 13 and my dad gave me my first diamonds ever. They were lovely and delicate stud earrings that I instantly fell in love with. I wore them at my wedding and my son’s Bar Mitzvah. They are as special today as they were 37 years ago. I love diamonds, but cannot watch commercials for diamonds without crying. Not pretty tears streaming down my face crying either. I’m talking ugly, snotty, slobbering, puffy, and unfortunate bawling.

The one with the ice skating, the one where the guy learns how to sign to his hearing impaired girlfriend, the one where they are stuck at a red light in the snow, the one where the man is rubbing the belly of his pregnant wife, the one with the grandchildren surprising grandma, every one of them makes me cry.

I bet if you made 100 single women and 100 single men watch these commercials, none of the men would be inspired to buy a diamond, while the women would say they were inspired to buy chocolate, wine, Kleenex, and watch an assortment of chick flicks. Diamonds are a girl's best friend and her worst enemy.

Between the holidays, the barrage of diamond commercials, and the impending new season of The Bachelor, it’s enough to make a girl want to eat an entire pizza, bake a cake in the shape of a diamond ring, eat that too, then deal with the guilt of eating everything by drinking an entire bottle of wine to drown the shame. I’m guessing this could happen and have obviously not done it myself.

The holidays are a festive time filled with joy and at the same time it’s a rather sad time for people who are alone, especially if they are watching television and not skipping over the commercials. Holiday commercials are brutal on the emotions, especially if you are alone. I am blessed to have a wonderful family, friends, and a happy and healthy child, so I am not alone, nor am I lonely, and that is a blessing.

I hope my readers are enjoying the holiday season and are not alone or lonely. Know that I am right here and feel embraced by you. If you are fragile, change the channel as soon as a diamond commercial comes on. In fact, click away from Kleenex commercials too because no good can come from watching that either. It will soon be over so be happy, count your blessings, and remember to keep the faith.