June 16, 2019

My Aussie Posse

In September of last year, I went to Australia for my friend Gamble’s wedding. It was a life changing trip. I met really wonderful people who have become friends. Not casual friends, but rather real friends. People who are important in a way that matters to my soul. Australia will always hold a special place in my heart, as will Gamble. Oz is my happy place and Gamble is my good luck charm.

I met a group of men at the wedding in Bryon Bay who have become my Aussie Posse. They are remarkable people who make me really happy. We met in September 2015 and two months later we were spending Thanksgiving together in New York City. It was such an amazing time we decided to start a tradition by spending Thanksgiving together, so for 2016 they came to LA.

I just spent 7 days with the Aussie Posse and it was brilliant. At one point I heard my liver tell me to go screw myself, but it was a glorious week with glorious people. There was drinking, laughing, drinking, eating, drinking, drinking, drinking, and drinking. I drank enough Cosmopolitans to last a lifetime. By lifetime of course I mean I had a Cosmos or two last night. The Aussie Posse can drink!

We went out to fantastic meals and saw some wonderful LA views. I met many new friends, and some truly fascinating people. Some trying to find their path, some successful and famous, and all beautiful both inside and out. My Thanksgiving was spent with an eclectic group of people of all ages, colors, religions, and sexual orientations. It was a special day I was honored to be a part of it.

From walking through the Getty, to strolling through the Observatory, it was a week of joy for me. Our delicious friend Justin was the director of the posse’s social calendar, and he did a wonderful job of showing the gang a great time. Did I mention these people really know how to drink? I have never seen anything like it. They order three drinks at a time as I sip on a Cosmo in amazement.

My son met the group and it was lovely to see them together. They were sweet, kind, funny, and a little flirty. My son thought they were great and left dinner understanding why I love them all so much, and knowing that when I am with them, I am in good hands and well taken care of. They are respectful of me as a woman and it showed in how they spoke of me to my child. I love these people.

This group could have their own reality show. I would not only watch it, but blog it too. Some of the original posse members did not make the trip, while other new ones were added. I cannot speak of this wonderful group without a few shout outs. To newbies Laura, Jacek, Josh, James, Brad, and Claudio, it was great meeting you and I look forward to seeing you again in Melbourne in the spring.

To Justin, you are a wonderful human being and I adore you. So happy you are in my life. You are delicious and I am blessed to know you. To Dustin, you are yummy, yummy, ding dong and I am glad you are staying put. To Doug, sorry to have missed you! To Versace, you are a great man and being with you makes me smile. So happy you made the trip and are doing so great after your surgery.

To Senior, in another place and time we would be married and very happy together. I love you and your purr. To Jayson, you are kind and generous and funny and charming. You have embraced me and changed my life forever. From our first meeting in Bryon you tucked me under your wing and included me in your family. Thank you for everything and for everyone. Truly.

To Stephen, what does one say about the only man she will ever really love? You are my soulmate and I love you. Really, really, really love you. You are magical and my life is simply better with you in it. Thank you for loving me and please know that should you ever ask me to marry you, I will say yes. I am sending love to my posse and cannot wait to see them all in Melbourne next year.

I went to Australia alone and left with family. It was the scariest and most fabulous trip of my life. In an attempt to be brave, I was rewarded with gifts beyond measure. I went to see the world and expanded my heart in ways I never knew it could. Thank you to my Aussie Posse for coming to LA. My liver is resting up for our next adventure. I am counting the days and keeping the faith.