June 18, 2019

Writer’s Block

I have not written all week. I started and stopped about a dozen blogs, but have not managed to get one done. I sit down, I start to write, I get on a roll, then I realize what I have written is too political or too personal for even me. I am going through an interesting time in my life and while it is exciting and really good, I’m not quite sure how I am supposed to write about it.

My son is going to be moving out in a few weeks and I find it debilitating. I am excited for him because I have raised him to be independent and this is the next step in his life, but sadly I spent all my time preparing him and not preparing myself. I am proud beyond measure of his accomplishments and who he is as a human being. I will really miss him in our home.

I have some interesting things going on with work that make it difficult to know if I am beginning or ending certain things. There are opportunities for new things that are exciting, but also intimidating. At 50 I have built a wonderful career, but need to decide if I want more. It is a very lucky position to be in and one I worked very hard for. The future is looking bright.

I never struggle to share my life here, but this week has been a challenge. At the end of the day I am happy and that needs to be enough. Rather than beat myself up for having a slow writing week, I will embrace the new things going on and allow myself to enjoy the moment, knowing that next week I need to kick into gear and get back on my regular writing schedule.

I’ve written thousands of blogs over the years so I guess a slow week is not a big deal, but this is my first slow week in years so it feels odd. I am going to embrace Shabbat. I will figure everything out and get back to business on Monday. Shabbat Shalom everyone. Be happy, count your blessings, be kind to a stranger, and keep the faith.