June 24, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving is a time to say thanks and be grateful for the blessings in our lives. It is a special holiday because we are all being grateful together and at the same time. There is strength in numbers so perhaps some good will come to the world if we are all collectively feeling thankful. Since this is my 50th Thanksgiving, I would like to share 50 things I am grateful for.

In no particular order, except for #1 because he is always #1, here is my 2016 Thanksgiving List of things I am thankful and grateful for.

1  My Wonderful Son
2  My Amazing Mom
3  Memories of my Beloved Dad
4  Fiddles & Gopher
5  Faith                                                                                                              
6  God
7  Possibilities
8  Google 
9  Canada
10  Keeping the Faith
11  Keeping it Real
12  The other Google too
13  Tea
14  Manicures
15  Real Housewives of Anywhere
16  False Eyelashes
17  Quiet
18  Television
19  Kleenex
20  MVA, Esq.
21  Hope
22  Sarcasm
23  The Troops
24  Accupuncture
25  Dr. Cashdan
26  Leonard Cohen
27  Forgiveness
28  Patience
29  Love
30  Cosmos
31  Fresh Flowers
32  Judaism
33  Jose Cuervo
34  Rob Eshman
35  Sushi
36  Laughter
37  Sleeping
38  My Heart Fluttering
39  Hugs From My Son
40  A Great Kiss
41  Home
42  A Good Hair Day
43  Brother & Sisters
44  Nieces and Nephews
45  Motherhood
46  Prayer
47  Afternoons on a boat
48  Making my son laugh
49  Gamble Breaux
50  The Aussie Posse

My son and me will have breakfast together for the holiday, then he will go to his dad’s house and I will spend the day with my Aussie Posse, who are here on holiday from Melbourne. This is our second Thanksgiving together having now met in New York and LA, so we will make a plan for next year while we enjoy dinner together. 

Special prayers go out to our troops who sacrifice so much for us to have this day. God Bless them and their families. I hope those who celebrate Thanksgiving have a day full of family, friends, and delicious food. Be kind to a stranger, help someone in need, hug your kids, get someone else to do the dishes, and count your blessings.

I am thankful for my life, excited for the future, and grateful for the past. I am blessed to be my son’s mother, lucky to have a wonderful family and friends, and am enjoying time with a delicious man. It is a festive and crazy time of year. I am determined to be brave, be bold, be kind, and always extend a hand to those in need.

Thank you to my readers for the love they show me. I appreciate you all very much. Thank you also to all the trolls who talk trash about me because they do more good than harm. Remember that no matter how long your life is, it is never going to be long enough, so be happy, be brave, pay attention, and keep the faith.