June 24, 2019

Birds & Bees

Last week I was out for lunch with Google when a wasp landed on my napkin. He sat with me for a very long time. He looked at me for a quick second and just hung out. He was tiny and cute, if you can consider such creatures cute. I sat still thinking he would go, but he stayed. He made himself comfortable and when I scooched my chair back a little, I was certain he was offended I felt the need to move away. It was odd but also lovely, and I felt a bond to the little fellow.

Over the weekend I was walking at the beach with a friend and when we stopped to have breakfast a bee landed on my water bottle. As it walked around the bottle, he seemingly stopped to look at me, then turned his back and sat on the lid of the bottle for the entire time we had lunch. It was a stunning looking animal and again I was not scared to have it so close, even though they kind of freak me out. I enjoyed having him next to me and again felt a bond to it.

When the bee decided to finally leave I turned to see where he was going and at the exact moment he left, a bird decided to poop on me. I don’t think he actually decided to poop on me as much he simply needed to poop and I was in the line of fire. I know it is supposed to be good luck, which is nice, but it is disgusting. As I wiped the gross poop off my shoulder and out of my hair, I thought about the birds and the bees and the notion that I would have good luck.

The two bugs were beautiful and I was honored to have them take a seat next to me. The bird could have left me a lovely white feather rather than poop, but I appreciate the good luck. I am feeling rather blessed with luck at the moment. Life is good and I am learning to see the blessings that are showered upon me each day. Sometimes we simply need to stop waiting for something good to come along so we can see that it has already come and we just didn’t notice.

I don’t often think about birds and the bees, but they really are remarkable animals. While watching the bee take flight was magical, having a bird poop while mid-flight broke the spell of the bee’s magic and gave me much needed perspective. I am a lucky girl and rather than wait for what I want, I am going to pay closer attention to what I already have, as it may just be what I was waiting for. All I need to do it open my eyes and keep the faith.