February 22, 2019

Introducing Ahead of Time

Have you ever met someone and just knew they were going to make a difference in the world? Someone who has a “thing” that makes you pay attention? A person who is able to speak of their plans, goals, and dreams in a way that gets you excited and you immediately root for them? I have met a few people like that in my life. People who inspire me to follow their journey because I know something great is coming. Zack Fortag is one of those people so I want to tell you about him.

I have known Zack since he was about 11 years old. When I met him I liked him right away. He is wickedly funny and has a lightening wit. I know this kid and am close with his parents, so one could argue I’m unable to write about him impartially, but I know a lot of great people and don’t write about them. Zack is someone you should know because down the road he will be influential, so this is not writing about a friend as much as an introduction to an interesting person.

Mr. Fortag is one of the creators of the Ahead of Time clothing company. They are building a brand and have started with a hat. They want to motivate people to believe in themselves and dream big. They want to encourage kids who may come from humble or even troubled homes to not let where they come from impact where they are going. Zack and his partner are visionaries. I bought myself a hat and wear it with pride because it stands for something and has meaning.

Important to note that when I said I wanted a hat, I assumed he would give me one, but he quickly pointed out he cannot build a business if he is going to give away his product. He told his younger brothers that if they wanted one, they could have one at cost because they were family. I love this kid. He is a true entrepreneur and I respect him. If only he would put such dedication into cleaning the kitchen after he makes his rather disgusting inventive dinners, he’d be perfect.

Zack is a hustler. I am housesitting as his parents went to Greece on holiday with his two younger brothers. Zack stayed behind because he felt it was too early on in his company to be away for a entire week. He wakes up at 6 am everyday, works out in the backyard as a warm up, then goes to the gym, then gets to work. He is constantly calling and emailing people to introduce his company. He is a boy on a mission and to watch him work is amazing. He is something special.

He reaches out to people he finds inspiring and interviews them. He wrote to a guy he admired on The Apprentice UK and was invited over to chat. He travels with extra hats in his bag so should he come upon someone of influence he can give them one and get them interested. He also carries them so should he cross paths with a young person who needs a boost of self worth, he can gift them one and assure them they’ll be okay. This is a boy of privilege who is kind and generous.

He is not taking on investors or I would be one. He wants to be self made so he took a loan from his parents so he wouldn’t have to tap into his Bar Mitzvah money. He is paying them back a little bit with each sale and by he time he expands his business to the next piece of clothing, the loan will be paid off and he will be on the road to financial and personal freedom, having done it his way. He is going to be a successful man and have pride in his ownership.

You can follow Zack and his company on all social media. They are aheadoftime.co everywhere, including their YouTube channel. This is a young man with big dreams and a big heart. More than building a brand, he hopes to inspire a movement and empower people to look forward. One step at a time, one day at a time, one hat at a time. I hope you will support this young man with a like and follow of his social media. He is a good boy and that is a simply wonderful thing.

I asked Zack to give me three words to describe himself. He chose self-motivated, dedicated, and funny. I agree. This is a cool kid and I am proud of him. He believes in the power everyone has to change their life into exactly what they want it to be. Ahead of Time is the perfect name for his company because that is exactly what he is. To this lovely boy I say good job Zack! Now go clean the kitchen because I’m not doing it for you again. Shabbat Shalom and keep the faith.