December 10, 2018

Sneezing in London

I am working in London this week and it has been great. I love it here. It is one of my favorite cities and I feel very happy when I am here. I miss my son of course, and cannot imagine being this far way from him for a prolonged period of time, but I love London and would like to live here at some point. I feel close to my dad here and know he'd be happy to know I was spending so much time here.

I am staying with the Beckham family and am happy to report they have added slippers to my room. I have requested chocolates on my pillow and towels folded into swans for my next visit, so we’ll how Victoria does with that. I have been taking the subway everyday and one notices a couple of things about the people in London when you ride with them for an hour every morning and every evening.

People don’t really look at each other when on the train. They are in their own worlds, reading the paper, listening to music, deep in thought, and completely zoned out. I like people watching and cannot recall one time when anyone made eye contact. I feel like I am staring, which I am, but when someone stares at me I feel it and look back at them. That is not really happening on the London tube.

So I’m on the train everyday with a gazillion other people of all shapes, sizes, and colors, and no matter who sneezes, everyone in the vicinity of that person says “bless you”. It is quite fascinating. It is as if a sneeze snaps them out of their trance long enough to say bless you, then the trance is immediately back on. It has made me smile every single time and I think I may have actually laughed too.

All of the blessing of strangers on a train makes me very happy. In a city that has so much going on in terms of her people and her politics, for her people to be able to snap out of it long enough to be decent to another human being is a wonderful thing. I have not sneezed once since I got here, but I am hoping I do before I leave and when I do, I hope I am on a train. Bless you and keep the faith.