February 20, 2019

Rest in Peace Mick Jackson

Have you ever met someone you felt was a truly decent and kind human being?

Someone who was selfless and giving?

Someone who would give you the shirt off their back and expect nothing, not even a thank you, in return?

Someone you would want to be stranded on a desert island with because they would make you laugh and take care of you?

Someone so good you were certain they would live forever just so there could be good in the world?

I have met a human being like this.

He gave you faith in mankind.

He proved love is real.

His name is Mick Jackson.

Mick Jackson passed away today.

The world is truly dark.

Fuck cancer.

Prayers and love go out to Mick’s beautiful wife, his remarkable children, his precious grandchildren, and every single person who is feeling the loss of this amazing man.

I am sad.

I am grateful.

I am keeping the faith.