November 20, 2018

Sopranos, Scams & Stupidity

Let me begin by saying I appreciate all the messages from people wanting to kick Boots in the ass. I had no idea so many of my readers are Sopranos deep down. The requests for his name, address, and phone number came with offers to break his legs or “pay him a visit”. It was hilarious and touching. That I think breaking someone’s legs is touching might mean I also have an inner Soprano. No need for violence. He has to live with himself, which is punishment enough.

I appreciate the back up and know how happy people were for me to have met someone who was seemingly so lovely. I marvel at the turn of events and actually can laugh about it today. The level of deception is fascinating. In the end I choose to believe people are inherently kind and his actions were more about being stupid than anything else. My son however, is certain he was just a bad guy so Boots better hope he never runs into my boy. Don’t mess with my family, real or virtual. 

Life goes on and I even had a date last night. He was a sweet man with two kids, kind eyes, an easy laugh, and Jewish. We met for a drink and were having a lovely conversation for about 30 minutes before he decided to tell me was “almost” divorced. Really? There is no almost in this situation. He is married as far as I am concerned and I didn’t appreciate his attempt to scam me. There is never a good reason to lie about this. If he can lie at the beginning, more lies will follow.

It isn’t rocket science gentlemen. If you’re separated, just say so. There are women who will date a man who is separated. I don’t happen to be one, but they are out there. There is no “almost”, so grow up and tell the truth. Additionally, if you’re dating one woman to get another back, knock that shit off. If you’re screwing over a blogger while doing it, consider yourself blessed she is decent and won’t share who you are to the army of Sopranos standing by. Also, don’t ever contact her.

In the middle of all this ridiculous drama, my son was in a car accident today. Someone ran a red light and plowed into him. Not only was it a huge collision, but the person who hit him took off. He could have killed my kid and didn’t bother to stop and see if he was ok. He just left and by the time my son was able to get out of the car, the person who hit him was gone. He called the police and they were amazing.

Thank you to the LAPD for being so kind and supportive to my child. He was shaken but doing okay. His car will be out of commission for a while, but we are blessed he was not seriously injured, or worse. To the insanely stupid person who hit him, you better pray I never find out who you are. I’m a Soprano now and I will kick your ass. To hit someone and drive away is stupidity on an epic level. Shame on you, dumbass. We must be kinder to each other. Where is the decency?

I feel very lucky today and as I write and look over at my son, I want to cry I am so relieved he is ok. In a week where I have encounterd a large group of stupid douchebags, I'm blessed to be here with my son. The truth is every time I come across a poor excuse for a man, I can take comfort in knowing I have raised a good one because one good man can erase all the bad ones. Hold your kids close and be careful out there. Feel grateful, embrace happiness, and keep the faith.