December 14, 2018

A Little Perspective

I received an email from a Scottish reader living in Bermuda this morning and it made me very happy. It was short and sweet and funny and a game changer. I have no idea why, it just really mattered. I took her advice and it made a difference. Thank you friend. I sometimes forget there are people reading this blog from all over the world. Today I gathered up your strength and well wishes, got up off my ass, and changed my perspective.

I have been writing this blog for years and I am touched by how invested people are. We may not have ever met, but you are my friends, therapists, family, and support group. I appreciate you and today I realized how important you are to me. You have seen me go through a lot of things. I have never been shy to write about my life and worldview, and you have never been shy about sharing your opinion and point of view on my life and your own.

I am, what is the word I am looking for, wait for it, wait for it, fabulous. I am kind and generous with a compassionate and giving heart. I have mastered the art of kissing, make a killer Shabbat dinner, keep a beautiful home, drive like a NYC cab diver, give with no expectation to receive, have gorgeous hair, can be ready to go anywhere in 20 minutes, have an inner bad girl who wants out, and can iron a dress shirt and slacks with military precision.

I am the survivor of a violent crime, divorce, and cancer.  I am charming and funny. I am also an exceptional mother, daughter, sister, friend, and partner. I make mistakes and I have no hesitation in providing and accepting an apology. I lost my way for a couple of days and it is ok. Shit happens. It took one email from Bermuda to snap me out of a fog. My life is not complicated and certainly not sad. Life is good and I am blessed.

To my wonderful son, you are magic and I love you. Thank you for making me laugh and my heart beat. To MP, who made a gesture on my behalf that was touching, ridiculous, and a true show of love, thank you. To the sweet woman who shared her definition of keeping the faith with me, it was like an embrace and I am grateful. To you know who, you know what. To those in Orlando dealing with loss and sorrow, you are in my prayers.

To MJ in Minnesota, you are a warrior and you and your wonderful family are in my thoughts, prayers, and memories. Know that I am holding your hand and praying you have comfort and joy. Life is precious and we owe it to ourselves to be kind to not only each other, but to ourselves. If you need me, I am here. Even if you don’t, I am still here. Thank YOU for being here. You wonderful people make me happy and brave. I am humbled and keeping the faith.