November 19, 2018

Murder in Orlando

I am stunned, numb, heartbroken, scared, and emotional about the events in Orlando today. I can’t wrap my head around what has happened, why it happened, or the unbearable and unbelievable numbers of those lost and wounded. This mass murder was fueled by a hate I will never understand. As a Jew I am painfully aware of what hate can do, but as a compassionate human being I scream out from a place in my heart that is weeping.

When my son woke up this morning I hugged him close. I hugged him for myself, and for every parent who lost a child in Florida today. For every father, mother, brother, sister, child, grandparent, and friend who lost someone when hate met insanity in Florida. I am watching the news and it is difficult to catch my breath. The final moment of life for these people was scary and I want to somehow ease their agony and pray they rest in peace.

I will turn to love in the wake of hate. I will proudly support the LBGT community. I will donate blood. I will embrace my friends and family with purpose. I will focus more on happiness than work. I will live my life out loud for those whose lives were silenced. Life is precious. I have survived cancer, the loss of my father, and pain and suffering on an unimagineable level, but today’s tragedy brings me much needed perspective. Our lives deserve more meaning and joy.

I must watch over my son like a hawk, while I try to teach him to not be afraid. That is hard when we live in a world that has so much to be frightened of. My heartfelt condolences go the loved ones of those who lost their lives today, as well those who are hospitalized and struggling to get better and understand what happened. I don’t even know if what I am writing makes sense because I am truly shaken.

These murders were offensive to God and he weeps with us today. In an election year we need to vote for people who are paying attention and will fix what is broken. To my son, be safe and make good choices. To my lovely girlfriends who sat with me at lunch today and spoke of our worry for the world, I love you. To my family and friends, I love and appreciate you. To Boots, it is less scary with you by my side. Be safe out there. Pray for healing and keep the faith.