November 20, 2018

Meeting Hillary Clinton

On September 11, 2000, I met William Jefferson Clinton, who was President of the United States at the time. I also met his wife and First Lady, Hillary Clinton. It was very exciting. I had my picture taken by one of their photographers and when the picture arrived I remember calling my dad and him being excited for me to mail him a copy.

I was 34 years old and left my son in LA to attend a dinner in NYC with the Clintons. They were lovely to me. I spoke with Mrs. Clinton first and asked her if she’d introduce me to her husband. She took me over to say hello and when we turned to face the photographer, the President took my hand and I almost fainted.

It was a very special moment. As a child I had always wanted to live in America. I thought it was the greatest country in the world and all of my dreams would come true here. To be holding hands with the President of the United States was unbelievable to me. Looking back at it today, I feel very proud of the version of myself looking back at me.

Meeting the President was amazing, but it was my conversation with Mrs. Clinton that impacted my life in a powerful way. She shared some wisdom that stayed with me. Important to note I am not an American and therefore don’t vote, so this is not about making a statement or pitch for Mrs. Clinton’s politics, but rather her as a woman.

In the 16 years since the photo was taken my son became a man and the woman who changed my life would inspire women everywhere. I don’t know which candidate my son will vote for, but that Hillary is an option matters to me. It should matter to all of us. In a world where challenges for women are real, this is quite historic.

I support America. I want the best for the country that is now home. I am proudly Canadian but have lived in the United States longer than I lived in Canada and what happens here impacts my life, the life of my child, his children, and on and on. It is an important time for the country and it is wonderful that Hillary Clinton is part of the reason.

I’m sure Mrs. Clinton doesn’t remember what she told me that day, but I do and it was perfection. I am proud of her. Proud of what she has done. Proud of the dreams she has allowed girls to have. Proud of her grace under fire, and proud of her bravery in the face of adversity and public humiliation. She is an amazing woman and I really like her.

I will support Hillary in her race, admire Bernie is his race, and laugh at Trump in his race. Once the race is over however, I will support the winner because that is what we needto all do. I'm watching, listening, learning, and marveling at the political time my son is a part of. Thank you Hillary for inspiring me to always keep the faith.