November 16, 2018

My Guardian Angel

Have you ever loved someone so much it physically hurts? Been so desperate to talk to them that you think you might die if you don’t hear their voice? Felt so safe in their presence you believed you could actually be brave? I have loved my friend Margaret that way for 27 years. She is my guardian angel and I owe the life I have to her.

We met on a dark day and she single handedly led me to the light. I was broken and she fixed me. I was dying and she brought me back to life. I thought life was over and she insisted it was beginning. The truth is I'm alive today because of her. I got married because of her. I had a baby because of her. My heart is open because of her.

When I recently stumbled over my own history, it was Margaret who got me back on my feet. It was Margaret who was sure I should go out with Boots, when I thought my time would be better spent at the animal shelter getting a cat. It was Margaret who reminded me I raised an amazing child and I would survive his moving out.

I love Margaret. Love her from a piece of my soul only she has seen. I love her for reasons only she understands. I love her in a way that connects me to God. I love her. I spoke with Margaret this past Sunday morning and our conversation ended with both of us saying I love you. That is important because Margaret died this afternoon.

My sadness is immeasurable. I will forever be inspired by my guardian angel Margaret. Life is precious so say what you need to say. Call your parents to say thank you. Tell your kids you love them. Reach out to friends you miss. Be brave and get yourself some new Boots. Thank you Margaret. I am keeping the faith.