February 21, 2019

Mother’s Day & Sing Street

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day. I started my day by sleeping until 8:30, which is out of the ordinary for me. My son took me out for a fabulous champagne breakfast. I really enjoy my son’s company. He makes me laugh and I look at him with great love and pride. He is a wonderful human being and I am proud of not only who he is, but of myself for raising such a remarkable person. 

He wrote me a beautiful card, which is kind of my thing. I love cards and appreciate when people take time to write their own words in a card. Today I got an amazing card from my boy. He bought me gorgeous flowers and a candle that smells so good I want to put it on me like perfume. My son knows me and it is lovely that his gifts are so thoughtful and personal. I am very blessed.

After a great morning my son took me to see the movie Sing Street. I wasn’t familiar with it, but loved it in the way you want to love a movie. I purchased the soundtrack before I even got back to the car. This movie was really, really, really, really, wonderful. I am not a movie critic, and it is only my opinion, but I feel very comfortable recommending this film. It was so good I will see it again.

While I get it is just a movie, I fell in love with these people. The music transported me to my childhood. Sing Street is written, produced, and directed by John Carney who has masterfully created an amazing film. Ferdia Wallsh-Peelo as Cosmo and Lucy Boynton as Raphina are perfect. I fell in love with Jack Reynor as Brendan, and the young actors who made up the Sing Street band. 

It was a terrific day with my son and wonderful to speak with my mother. My mom and son are my heart. My son is perfection, my mother is divine and Sing Street is a must see. Thank you to my mom for her unconditional love and my son for giving me the life I always dreamed of. I am lucky to have the relationship I do with both my mom and son. I am blessed and keeping the faith.