November 20, 2018

Happy Mother’s Day

I celebrate Mother’s Day everyday, because every day that I am blessed to be the mother of my remarkable child is worth celebrating. Being a mother is the most rewarding job I have ever had, and frankly, I am really quite good at it. Some days are easier than others of course, and I often worry I am screwing my kid up, but even on a bad day I am still a pretty great mom.

I’m lucky because my son is a truly wonderful human being. He is kind, compassionate, funny, charming, talented, handsome, and thinks I’m something special. Not only does he love me, he also likes me. That is a great thing for a mother to be able to say about her child. We are friends, enjoy spending time together, and can make each other laugh like nobody else can.

My mother is a great woman and a wonderful mom. She raised me to be brave and strong. I get my heart and my crazy from her, and am grateful for both. I speak to my mother everyday. Sometimes for an hour and other times for a minute, but still, everyday. I hope my son and me will be as close as I am to my mother when he is as old as I am. A girl can dream!

To my mother, Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I love you very, very much. To my three sisters and all the amazing mothers in my life, Happy Mother’s Day Ladies! To my beloved son, thank you for loving me, putting up with me, making me laugh, teaching me new things, forgiving me, inspiring me, accepting me, and being the reason I will forever be keeping the faith.