November 19, 2018

Introducing My Son to Prince

I have loved Prince since I was 17 years old. Really, really, really, loved him. I thought he was talented, sweet, and the sexiest man I had ever seen. Attractive to be sure, but more than just good looking, I thought he was sexy before I was old enough to even understand what sexy was. The Purple Rain album was a defining moment in time for me, and one of the first albums that mattered to me in a real way. Purple Rain, Rumors by Fleetwood Mac, and Kings of the Wild Frontier by Adam Ant. I still listen to these albums today, and have introduced them all to my son.

I took my son to see Prince in concert at the Forum in Los Angeles. He was not excited about seeing him for the music, as much as he was curious to hearing the music I liked, so he could mock me. When the concert was over however, he was a fan. He was amazed I’d seen Prince in concert as a kid, and was seeing him 26 years later with my kid. My son thought it was cool I knew all the words to all the songs. He thought it was weird that I cried during Purple Rain, but he appreciated the impact the music had on me. It was a wonderful experience and I treasure the memory.

We recently discovered the concert was on April 21, 2011. Prince passed away on April 21, 2016. I still do not believe he is gone, and it troubles me to see all the headlines that are being written with speculations about drug use and drug abuse. Who cares? A man died and we should celebrate what he gave the world, not assume things that are none of our business. I will be a fan of Prince for the rest of my life. I will smile when his songs come on the radio. By smile of course I mean sing at the top of my lungs. I am focused on how he made my life better, not how he lost his.

When my sister heard the horrible news, she sent me this:

Every year me and the girls from the salon plan a night out. We go to the casino, have dinner, get drunk, go dancing. Anything, as long as it is out. The bars don't close in Montreal but we all work on the weekends so we don't stay out too late because we’re not 20 anymore. Our plan was to go to a concert for our night out. There were 10 of us and we could only get 4 tickets to the show because we decided too late. We tried buying tickets from a scalper, begged and called in favors. No luck. We were sad but agreed to get them earlier next time and plan ahead. When we saw the concert on the news we promised each other that come hell or high water we would go when he came to town again. We were very excited. The concert was Prince.

We should all think about what this man meant to us, and let his family worry about how he died, why he died, and what will happen to his money and possessions. It is none of our business. I hope that Prince is resting in peace, playing guitar, and sitting next to a beautiful girl as he tries to explain to my beloved Dad who he is and what all the fuss is about. I am proud my son is a fan of Prince, and thrilled to have made the introduction. Thank you Prince. I love you. Keep the faith.