February 20, 2019

Coachella, New York City, Jerry’s Deli & Passover

As a Jewish mother of a music-loving child, I am offended Coachella is happening over Passover. I appreciate it is scheduled over two weekends, but my son could not go to week one as he was working. He has a great work ethic so I can’t be mad that he prioritized work.  I don’t think his going this weekend means he is not prioritizing his faith, just that he is old enough to skip Seder if he wants to. He has celebrated Passover 19 times with me, and the truth is that once he is out on his own, he may not celebrate with me because of work or distance. He is a good boy, and a good Jew, he is also growing up and able to decide what he wants for himself. Damn it.

When he told me he was going to Coachella, I made plans to go to New York City for the holiday. It is really hard for me to spend the holidays with my friends who have their kids with them. It makes me sad and so rather than do that, I opted to go to NYC and spend the weekend with my friend Julia. It will be my New York birthday weekend. I love New York and I love Julia. I have never not had a fabulous time there, so it will be a great weekend.  I will celebrate Passover, have a few drinks, walk a lot, and wonder how it is that I am so much cuter in NYC. Maybe it is the men, but I’m a rock star in New York. A rock star with special and beautiful new Boots back in LA.

Since we were not going to be together for Pesach, my son and me went to Jerry’s Deli for dinner. We ordered our favorite deli things, ate some pickles, talked about life, and it was wonderful. I really like my son. I would spend time with him over anyone else on the planet. He makes me laugh, and cry, but mostly laugh. I am very proud of him. He is kind, sweet, generous, responsible, charming, smart, talented, and all the very best parts of his dad and me. At a time when I am preparing for him to move out, I suppose his being away for Pesach is a good baby step towards my empty nest. I am a bit nervous to fly while he is away, but this is the next stage of our lives.

I texted with my sister Roni and asked if she was ready for the holiday. She responded: I'm so ready I saw all 7 deadly sins today. Gluttony because I ate an entire Sara Lee cheesecake by myself. Greed because when I found it in the freezer, I discovered I actually bought 4 of them. Pride because I set aside the size of my ass to wonder at the accomplishment of eating the entire cake. Envy because I hate people who can eat and not get fat. Sloth because I was so full from the cheesecake I watched a documentary about ants because the remote was too far. Lust when I thought about whether I would rather sleep with Tom Hardy or Dwayne Johnson. Wrath when my daughter lost her mind after seeing I didn’t save her any cheesecake. So yeah, I’m ready for Passover!

To everyone at Coachella this weekend, including and especially my beloved son, be safe and have a wonderful time. Safe travels to those who are heading out or coming back. To New York City, buckle up because I am coming. To Jerry’s Deli, my son says your matzo ball soup is ALMOST as good as mine, Mazel Tov. To those who are enjoying Passover, I wish you a Chag Sameach. To my sister, you crack me up and I am wondering if you will eat the other three cheesecakes before the holiday begins. Wishing you all a healthy and safe weekend.  Be happy and keep the faith.