December 17, 2018

Happiness with “Jewelchic” Megan Castran

In the interest of full disclosure, I have a bit of a crush on Megan Castran. She is the happiest person I have ever met, and her energy can only be described as magical. I met Megan last September at the wedding of our mutual friends Gamble and Rick Wolfe. That meeting has led to a friendship that I value. I spent time with Megan and her husband Paul today in Los Angeles. We talked about the desire for happiness, and it was fantastic.

One can look at Megan’s life and assume she is happy because she is privileged, but if you know her, you understand Megan is happy for many reasons, none of which are based on money or possessions. She makes the choice to be happy. Not only be happy inside, but embrace her happiness in a way that shows on the outside for all to see. Whether putting a happy face decal on the hood of her car, or smiling at strangers, Megan is special.

Megan and Paul Castran are physically and spiritually beautiful people. They have two healthy, attractive children, an impressive home, well-stamped passports, and are comfortable financially. Enviable for some I suppose, but these people have worked hard. They met 30 years ago and are self-made. Nothing was given to them, but rather they built a life together and instead of envying them, they should be applauded for all they have accomplished.

Megan was 19 years old when she met Paul in a restaurant, while on a date with one of his friends. It was May 5th. Four years later they got engaged, on May 5th,, at Florentino restaurant in Melbourne. When Paul presented Megan with her engagement ring, he wanted to prove it was a real diamond so he scratched the window, which is charming. They go to the same restaurant and still sit at the same scratched window to mark their anniversary.

To hear them speak of their courtship and engagement is like a scene out of When Harry Met Sally. They tell the same stories, quite differently, yet with enough similarities to be hilarious. They have grown up together and are able to reflect on their history with a real sense of accomplishment. They have experienced many things in their time together and at the core of their love is happiness. It is really that simple. Life is good so be happy.

Megan and Paul have raised their children to be positive and happy. Their choice to be happy is something they teach their children. Megan is driven by emotion, laughing and crying when she feels the need. She stays positive and only gets upset when people don’t do right by her or her family. She feels empathy for the world, sympathy for those in pain, and truly just wants people to be able to find a way to their own happiness and joy.

Megan is active on social media. She uses Facebook with real proficiency, and is also on Instagram. She shares her writing, photos, and travels with her loyal and dedicated followers. She creates beautiful jewelry, wears color like nobody else on the planet, and gravitates to light because she emanates light. I enjoyed my time with Megan and Paul and left understanding them on a new level. These people are inherently kind and generous of spirit.

I asked Megan to use three words to describe herself and she chose happy, kind and lucky. She quickly clarified that more than feeing lucky, she feels blessed, and said it is a way that was humble and endearing. She wants to learn and grow, and when we spoke of my interpretation of luck and blessings, she embraced my Judaic view with genuine kindness. That’s the thing about Megan, she wants you to be happy too, which is lovely.

Sidebar: Upon reflection, Megan asked if she could have four words as she wanted to add “authentic” as a word to describe herself. No Megan, you only get three words, but I will use the word authentic to describe you. There is nothing fake or pretentious about this woman. She is real and I truly find it fascinating that she is so authentic. There are not a lot of people in my life that I can say have pure, simple, and uncomplicated happiness. 

I asked Paul to use three words to describe his wife and he chose motivated, supportive, and loving. Lovely that he used different words, and ones that are so important in a relationship. There’s love and respect between these two. It comes from history and a shared life, but also boils down to one simple word, happy. They make each other happy, encourage the things each does to be happy, and teach their kids the importance of happiness.

I was happy on my way to meet Megan, and I was happy when I left her. She is a wonderful human being and I am blessed to call her my friend. I think Gamble is my guardian angel, and her wedding to Rick opened the doors to my brave new life and began friendships that will last the rest of my life. Gamble, Rick, Tempest, Mal, Jeniffer, my beloved Aussie Posse of Stephen, Jayson, Tony, Ben, Andrew, and Megan and Paul make me happy.

You can get some happy from Megan by following her on social media. She is on Instagram @jewelchic, Facebook at Jewelchic, and also at I look forward to her posts everyday and am so happy to have her lovely followers now following my journey. To my darling friend Megan, you are delicious and I am so happy to have spent time with you and Paul today. You inspire to me find my happiness, hold on tight, and keep the faith.