December 17, 2018

The Joy of Matzah

Today is March 29th and I just bought my first box of matzah. Passover begins on Friday, April 22nd.  A little early to be sure, but when I told my son I was stopping by the market, he asked if I could bring some home. I smiled when he asked me, only to then be surprised by his direction.

He requested that I buy the Yehuda brand. If they didn’t have that, he wanted some from Manischewitz, and should they not have any, he wanted me to get some Streit’s. It was hilarious. He let me know what was good and why, and while it may sound ridiculous, it made me cry.

Who knew he even had views on matzah? Yehuda is his favorite as he says the texture is great. Manischewitz is the next best as that is what he grew up with. Streit’s comes in third for no other reason than he is more familiar with the other two. Turns out my kid loves matzah.

My son is not religious at all. He is however Jewish in his soul and that is something I am very proud of. He went through 10 years of private Jewish day school, a Bar Mitzvah, and a trip to Israel to meet my family and see his homeland. That he feels a connection to Judaism really matters to me.

I feel that if he did not embrace our faith, it means I did not provide him a proper look into what Judaism means and offers. I want him to embrace our faith in his heart. I want him to marry a Jewish woman, have Jewish children, and pass on the traditions of not only our faith, but also me. 

I know how hard love can be to find, so I will embrace whomever he chooses to love. That doesn't mean however, that I don't pray she’ll be Jewish. I have no crystal ball to tell me what his future holds, so something as simple as a request for matzah makes me happy. It is the first step to him wanting a Jewish wife right? 😉

Sadly my son will be out of town for Passover this year so we won’t have Seder together, but we will celebrate ahead of time with a special meal of favorite things. To buy matzah this early is great. I may on occasion be an overbearing, overprotective, overstepping, Jewish mother. In other words, I am simply keeping the faith.