December 16, 2018

Keeping it Real is Going to Bed

I have been writing this blog for longer than I ever thought I would. It was started out of a need for some escape from the stresses of life. It was fun to suspend my own reality, watch reality TV, and write about it. Many opportunities came my way because of this blog, and I will always look back at this work with pride. I was honest, funny, harsh, opinionated, and fair.

I met a lot of interesting people along the way. By interesting, of course I mean mentally unstable. Reality television is a crazy world and after having a front row seat for many years, I am writing to share that after much consideration, and with the blessing of my new editor, this will be my last Keeping it Real blog. I am putting this baby to bed and walking away from the madness.

Watching hours of reality TV a week is exhausting. Having to then write about it, can occasionally be soul crushing. I have been praised and attacked endlessly. I have been invited to fabulous parties, and received death threats. I have made lifelong friendships with reality stars, and alienated others. I have attended weddings and interventions. It has been a fascinating ride.

I have been wanting to end this blog for months. I felt the last season of Real Housewives of New York City was perfect reality TV. I loved every second and wish I had ended this blog with that season. I kept going however and started blogging New Jersey and Atlanta. Oy vey. A few weeks in and I’m sucked back into the hole. I tried to blog both shows this week, but simply couldn’t do it.

For the trolls who will spin this in their own ridiculous way, good luck with that. It is mind boggling how many people hide behind their computers and spread hate. I use my real picture, and real name, and stand by my words. I’ve made mistakes along the way, apologized when needed, and moved on. I have never been as invested as some would like to think I am, because it is just TV.

Yesterday I met with my editor to let him know I decided it was time to end this blog. He was supportive, and actually quite happy because reality TV is strange and often doesn’t quite fit in with the Journal. I also spoke to my son who gave me permission to walk away from something so successful if it meant it would bring peace into my life. It has been a big decision and I have not taken it lightly.

I am a writer. A talented and successful writer. My Keeping the Faith blog is a piece of my heart and a love letter to my son. I will continue to write that blog with a new sense of joy and purpose. I will contribute more to The Jewish Journal, and I will watch reality television because I want to, not because I have to. It is a big decision, but I am walking away with absolutely no regrets.

It was fun, until it wasn’t, and so a new chapter begins. To the millions of people who came to The Jewish Journal to read Keeping it Real, I thank you. Thank you for not only reading, but for inviting me into your homes and engaging in a dialogue. I appreciate you. To the haters, you’ll find someone else to pester from the shadows, so I hope for their sake you remember to take your meds.

To my liver, you are a champion and I thank you for the sacrifices you made to this blog. As you all know,  I love a cocktail and my enjoyment of shots grew with the popularity of this blog. That is how Jose Cuervo actually became my boyfriend. Occasionally we would invite in a certain Grey Goose and have a threesome, which was magical. My liver is exhausted and looking forward to the break.

This is the first Friday in a long time I am going into Shabbat with actual peace and quiet. I’ve been on this rollercoaster for 9 years and I’m tired. I will still watch these shows on occasion, because let’s face it they are as addictive as crack. I won’t however engage in drama or read blogs. I may tweet as I watch to stay connected with you, so on behalf of me, Jose, and my liver, thank you for keeping it real.