November 16, 2018

Leann Rimes, Celebrity Roach

This blog is about pop culture, celebrity, and reality TV. As such, I’ve written a lot of blogs about Leann Rimes. She is a celebrity, who has done reality television, and is desperate to remain in the spotlight of pop culture. It makes perfectly good sense she would be a topic of discussion here. To clarify, it makes sense to everyone but Leann Rimes. She hates when I write about her and is not a fan of mine, which is crushing. By crushing of course I mean not at all crushing.

I have not written about Ms. Rimes for almost a year.  A lot has happened in my life during the past year. I took my son to Europe for holiday and watched joy deep in his soul as he discovered Athens, Rome, Florence, Naples, London, and Paris. I met a man who is reshaping my heart and showing me how a woman is meant to be treated. I celebrated nine years as part of the Jewish Journal family, and danced at my nephew’s Bar Mitzvah. That is just a small part of the past year.

I am fulfilled personally and professionally. My work is applauded, nominated for awards, and I am blessed to make a living as a writer. I am a mother, daughter, sister, cousin, aunt, friend, and advocate. I have spent the past year redefining my priorities and shifting my energy into helping other people, animals, and the planet. I am happy and have a peaceful and joyous life. I only mention the things going on in my life to show the difference between myself and Leann Rimes.

Nothing has changed in her life. She made another record that nobody bought or listened to, stalked the mother of her husband’s children, plagiarized the work of others, and continued to publicly unravel. I write a lot of things about a lot of things, but whenever I write about Ms. Rimes, my words take on a life of their own and quickly become a must read. It is fabulous. At the end of the day Leann Rimes is good for business.

I’m sure Ms. Rimes would argue people read because she is an icon and still a celebrity, decades after becoming a child star. I however, would argue people read because they are amazed I am able to pull together a blog about a woman who is not at all interesting. Understand when I tell you, there is nothing interesting about Leann Rimes, which is what makes people read my work about her. It is not about how pathetic she is, but rather about how talented a writer I am.

When I wrote about Ms. Rimes last year, it made her crazy. Actually, she was crazy before I wrote about her, so it actually made her insane. The kind of insane that requires medication and a padded room. She sent cease and desist letters, had her assistant troll me, tried to have me arrested, paid people to write horrible things about me, posted pictures of my son, supported death threats to me, and encouraged the vile things sent to me by invisible people hiding behind keyboards.

It was terrifying and exhausting for a long time. There were lawyers and police involved, which is a waste of money. Her money and your taxpaying dollars. I will say now, with no hesitation and no fear of legal action, that Leann Rimes suffers from psychosis and is in need of professional help. Help that requires medication and a padded room. She is dangerously unwell, but I feel compassion for a broken woman who lives her life with no real love from anyone. It is tragic and so she has my sympathy.

I could talk about what Ms. Rimes and pack of wolves have done to me, or rather what they have tried to do to me, but it won’t change what they do or stop them from doing it. I could write about her desperate need for attention and pathetic desire to maintain her fame, but it would bore you. At the end of the day the only interesting thing about Leann Rimes is what I write about her. You can confirm with her because she reads everything I write over, and over, and over again.

Leann Rimes is a cockroach of the celebrity world because she won’t ever go away. Long after her 15 minutes, she is still here with no signs of leaving. She is fueled by sadness and bitterness, which is a never ending food supply.  I don’t say that to be mean, to roaches, but only to explain she will live on and on. She will continue to try to be relevant and people will continue to marvel at how uncomfortable she is in her skin and her life. They will also marvel at my restraint in not going off about what an unstable person she is.

Important to note I will not be bullied by anyone, especially Leann Rimes. I am not scared of her, and honestly feel sad for those who are. She is uneducated, unsophisticated, and mentally deficient. She is delusional about her fame, her husband, and her popularity. She really is a talented singer, which makes her life even more tragic. The best thing Ms. Rimes can do for herself is divorce her husband, fire her assistant, stop paying people to kiss her ass, and sing about mental illness instead of love.

To my readers who have reached out to ask why I haven’t written about Leann in so long, my job is to entertain and she’s a bore. As for the book I have “allegedly” written about her, it continues to write itself so be patient because it is absolutely hilarious along with being a mental health guide.. To Ms. Rimes, understand these two very important things:1) There is no such thing as a “bonus mom”, and 2) More people read my blog than buy your records. Why? Because unlike you, I am always keeping it real.