January 17, 2019

A Conversation with Daniel Eichholz of Southern Charm Savannah

Ahead of tonight’s premiere of Southern Charm Savannah, I had a conversation with one of the stars, Daniel Eichholz. Mr. Eichholz is the latest Jew to tackle reality TV, and so I am once again hopeful my people will not be embarrassed. Reality TV tends to cast unappealing members of the tribe, but when it comes to Daniel, and with the disclaimer I’ve only watched one episode, I am crushing on this mensch. Not sure about the show yet, but they are an interesting bunch.

By interesting, of course I mean they are not all interesting. Some are actually boring, and one in particular made my lower back spasm. It is an odd group of young people in Savannah. In the interest of full disclosure, I did not immediately jump onto the Southern Charm train, but it is now must watch TV for me, so perhaps I will get onboard with Savannah. This is not about the show however, this is about Daniel. He is smart, funny, and very grateful for the opportunity.

He knows people will judge him and his family, not only on the show, but on their history, which is fascinating. Daniel comes from one of the first Jewish families to settle in Savannah. His ancestors where on a ship trying to come to America and were refused entry because they were Jewish. On one of their attempts however, people were ill and needed a doctor to care for them. His family matriarch was a doctor, therefore allowed to land in Savannah, and they never left.

His father was a prominent attorney and ended up serving time in federal prison for obstruction of justice. He was disbarred and his sons took over the law firm.  Daniel returned to Savannah after college in Colorado to help them rebuild. Not helping his family was never an option. You hear his love for his family in how he speaks about them. This is a good kid who says he decided to do the show not only for himself, but for his family.

He is also apparently a bit of a bad boy, which I hope translates into sexy on the show, not loser Jewish guy. When I asked Daniel what his goal was in doing the show, he said he thought it would be a fun thing to do with friends, but more importantly, he thinks the show will be good for Savannah. He loves his city and hopes it will attract tourism to help businesses, big and small. He says Savannah is more than a Southern drinking town. He is a proud Southerner.

He is very aware he did what he did and said what he said on camera, and is hoping for the best in terms of how the show is edited together. His family was more nervous about how he would be portrayed than he was, but they support him in the same way he has always supported them. He knows he is an inherently good person and is going to roll with the punches of reality TV, no matter what they are. He loves his friends and is ready to dive into the madness with them.

I asked Daniel to give me three words to describe himself and he chose kind, loving, and passionate. He asked if he could have another one, and added driven. If I had to use three words after our chat, I would choose thoughtful, menschy, hopeful. This is a man who has faith. Judaic faith to be sure, but also faith in himself, his friends, his city, and his hopes for Southern Charm Savannah. I didn’t love the first episode of the show, but I loved chatting with Daniel.

He has never dated a Jewish girl, but he would like to. Not only date one, but marry one! He is proudly Jewish and would like to give the same values to his children, which makes this old Jewish mother’s heart sing. This is a lovely man and I wish him well with his pursuit of love, and his pursuit of reality television fame. Daniel ended our conversation by assuring me I would dance at his wedding to his lovely Jewish wife. I’m kvelling over here.

Important to note Daniel also told me he would not get married in Savannah once I told him I could not pull off a Jew-fro in the Savannah humidity. A destination wedding it is! I will watch Southern Charm Savannah tonight with all of you, and hopefully get sucked in. You’ll know if I love it because then I won’t blog it, not wanting it to be work. If I hate it, you’ll see a blog because then it is my job. Time will tell, but I’ll be watching, hoping Daniel keeps the faith.