November 21, 2018

Real Housewives of New York City Week 4 Recap

Typos are generously provided by Jose Cuervo.

This is my favorite city in the franchise, but I find myself wanting them to be quiet. We are only four weeks in but they all seem very loud and more focused on whining than setting up their storylines. Bless them. Dorinda has gone from the most likable to rather unappealing, but I’m in for the long haul. I’ve got Jose by my side and we are ready. By ready of course I mean I’m one shot in.

Ramona is having a party and Dorinda is waiting to pounce on Sonja. Son sits back while Dorinda meets Tinsley and throws in a couple little digs. Dorinda is bitter and it does not look good on her. Tinsley opens with her arrest in every conversation and it has gotten old. Enough. Over to Carole, she is talking about Bethenny’s nude scene with Sonja. Sonja is harmless and I love her.

Dinner is served and there is a lot of fake blonde hair in the Hamptons. I don’t think Ramona cooked that entire meal. Not a shot in hell. Sonja says hello to Dorinda like nothing is going on. She’s a lady. Dorinda throws it in Sonja’s face that she is saying with Ramona. It’s just mean. Dorinda jumps on Sonja immediately and tells Sonja to shut her mouth and stop talking poorly about her.  Totally bitchy.

Dorinda is now calling Sonja a slut, or perhaps a whore, and it is shameful. Dorinda is shitting all over Sonja in front of the entire party. Dorinda is making a fool of herself and acting like a child. Tinsley stands up for Sonja and I respect her for it. Luann jumps in and quotes a blogger who is apparently quoting Sonja. Ugh. Dorinda says Sonja isn’t invited to Luann’s wedding.

Who acts like this? I’m mad at a friend I tell her in private, not at a party and certainly not on TV. Dorinda is unsavory and Sonja would do well to stay the hell away from her. She is a ticking time bomb and this is going to get worse before it gets better. It is embarrassing and watching it is uncomfortable. Carole not stepping in squash the attack is a real shame. She is invisible.

A guest interrupts the fight to make a toast and thank Ramona, but Dorinda picks up again as soon as he is done. Dear Lord. Sonja handles it well and while Carole had nothing to say to stop the fight, she then goes in on Sonja. Ugh. Carole is shitty and I cannot listen to them talk about the Berkshires again. I can’t. The screaming continues and it is ugly. Yikes.

That Ramona is not telling Dorinda to stop is gross. Ramona hugs Sonja in the kitchen, but she fueled this fire from the shadows, so it’s weird. Bethenny is not coming in, just picking up Carole, who needs a minute to talk to Ramona. Carole tells Ramona to not come to her election party, but Ramona wants to go. Carole tells her not to come, but Ramona refuses to be uninvited.

I am now exhausted and I’m only halfway through. I need you Jose! Cut to the morning and Luann is having a brunch. Dorinda is happy she shit all over Sonja and they keep pointing out that Candace Bushnell is there We got it. Dorinda says she does not hold a grudge and moves on. Really? Is Dorinda high? Roma is mad at Bethenny for not coming to dinner.

Ramona thinks it is shitty to un-invite someone to something, yet she uninvited Sonja to stay at her house. These women are inherently mean. Sonja and Tinsley arrive and Sonja is gracious about Dorinda. She says she did not mean what she said and she will fix it. Sonja is lovely. They listen at the door as Dorinda continues to talk about Sonja. Dorinda has become a fame whore.

Sonja walks straight over to Dorinda and hugs her. Oddly Dorinda hugs her back. They kiss and make up and it is strange. Who are these people? Sonja makes up with Luann too and it is simply mental. Luann gives them a tour of her remodeled house and I’m bored. Tinsley is trying to get to know everyone and seems harmless enough. Sonja is certain she’s invited to Lu’s wedding.

Back in NYC and dinner is on. Dorinda arrives first, then Tinsley, then Luann. Dorinda is throwing Ramona a 60th birthday party. Ramona looks great for 60. Over injected, but great. Tinsley tells the girls she not only didn’t invite Sonja to dinner, she didn’t even tell her about it. That’s not cool. It’s being filmed dumbass. Sidebar: Sonja making panty soup in her bidet is absolute perfection.

Jumping to Dorinda having lunch with John. They’ve been together four and a half years, which is nice but strange. They seem more like brother and sister than lovers.  I don’t get it. Cut to Carole’s, where Bethenny has come to visit. We learn that Carole names her dog and both cats Baby. Mental. Carole seems to be devoid of a personality. She’s still here because of Bethenny.

Carole says she is ready for Adam to move out because she needs space. How long are we going to have to watch this fake relationship? I’m not buying it. Nope. Bethenny is talking about her bitter divorce and does not appreciate Ramona dumping shit on her. Ugh. Carole is a cat lady, who does not know the sex of her cats. Honestly, this woman humiliates herself when she opens her mouth.

Back with Sonja, she is upset Tinsley went to dinner with Dorinda and Luann without her. She feels she should have told her. Agreed. Sonja is upset Tinsley is back in the social scene, yet that was her goal. Tinsley overhears Sonja complaining and tackles it head on. Sonja is right, Tinsley is sort of right, and I’m glad this episode is over. I’m a little tipsy, but still keeping it real!