November 18, 2018

Real Housewives of New York Week 2 Recap

Typos are generously provided by Benadryl.

I am happy these women are back, but the time delay between the filming and the airing is already annoying. We know Leann got married, and we know Hillary lost the election, so it all seems a little Titanic-esque in that we know how it is all going to end. Oy vey. They are interesting, but it will be somewhat painful and require a lot of booze. Pray for my liver and pour a drink because we’re going in.

We begin with Sonja and new girl Tinsley. She is living with Tinsley while she looks for a place to live. Lame, but too early to have an opinion. Ove to Bethenny’s, she is dressed up for Halloween and Carole and Ramona are visiting. Carole chews with her mouth open and talks with her mouth full. It grosses me out. Ramona doesn’t want to take her shoes off. Ramona has absolutely no manners.

Ramona needs a slap. Hard. Ramona is weird and Carole is invisible. Talk quickly turns to Luann and her wedding. Ramona knows shit about Tom, but I think most of it is probably made up. Cut to Luann shopping with her daughter for hats. Ugh. She won’t buy a hat because she can’t afford a hat. The going back and forth between the two groups is annoying. Drink number one is ready to go.

Luann thinks a big head equates to a big brain, proving she is an idiot. The girls gossip about Tinsley who was married to a big NYC family guy, then got divorced, then dated a young guy and got arrested during their break up. Ugh. Carole has a hard on for Trump and thinks she is the only person who reads the newspaper. Bethenny calls Carole out on her political bullshit. Carole is a bore.

Back to Tinsley and Sonja. Sonja is making a dating list of good and bad and while funny, feels like we’ve heard this all before.  Tinsley has a volatile relationship that ended, and I can’t tell if she is telling the truth. That said, would one come on this show under her circumstances and not tell the truth? Well yes, but perhaps she is legit. Only time will tell if she is good or evil and I can’t wait.

Dorinda is doing cryotherapy, and talks to us like it is something we’ve never heard of it. Every housewife in every city has done it and pretended they invented it. Whatever. Ramona is not telling Luan anything about Tom anymore. Yes, she will. Dorinda has a hard on for Sonja talking shit about her. Who cares?  There is a lot of recycling going on here. NYC better not become Atlanta.

Tinsley is walking throughout NYC, thinking about her old life, shopping for things she is not going to buy. Dorinda’s daughter is moving out and furnishing her apartment. She is a bit too turned up for me. That kid is exhausting. Dorinda is not sure how her daughter can afford anything. They are cute together, but something is off and I don’t care enough to know what it is all about.

Bethenny is purging her closet and doing yet another commercial for Dress for less. She speaks of her boyfriend Dennis, who she cares about, but is proceeding with caution because she is gun shy from her divorce and unsure about how to date as a single mom. It would appear that once again Bethenny is going to be the most likable housewife in NYC. Even though she is not a housewife. Go figure.

Sonja is having a tea party to introduce Tinsley to the group. She has Mr. Morgan’s butler there to help her and he is fabulous. Ramona is so rude I don’t get it. The butler is shitting allover Ramona and I love it. Dorinda is not invited to Sonja’s so the hard on goes both ways. This is ridiculous. How old are these people. Ramona is an idiot. She also has a hickey. Honestly, I don’t believe anything she says.

Carole thinks she is more informed on politics that anyone else and thinks that because she worked at ABC she is a political expert. Dear Lord. Carole is a fucking lunatic. I’m done with politics in real life so a season of it here is suffocating. Tinsley is not getting a good vibe from Bethenny, but I thought her hello was fine. Luann arrives and it is fascinating she and Bethenny even look at each other.

Luann takes Sonja aside to ruin her party. Blah, blah, blah. Sonja is going on and on about Tom and it is stupid. There is camp Dorinda and camp Sonja and while Sonja thinks people will be on her side because of loyalty, it seems Team Dorinda is bulking up. I am still unclear on what this season will give us, as nothing piqued my interested, but I’m curious to see who will be keeping it real