November 21, 2018

Real Housewives of Atlanta Week 17 Recap


Typos are lovingly provided by Grey Goose.

The ladies of Hawaii have managed to ruin Hawaii. I’m done and ready for these people to go home. They are managing to suck all the joy out of the Aloha state. Oy vey. On a good note, I have recovered from my first English cold and am joined for this blog by a very beautiful Grey goose. I am jumping in with a cocktail and a shot on standby just in case. Cheers!

We start with Kandi Facetiming her kids, Sheree “editing” her book, Porsha faking a relationship with her fame whore, and Kenya and Phaedra pretending to play tennis.  Phaedra hasn’t turn the ladies her divorce is final. Oh. My. God. Who cares? That marriage was over long before he went to prison so to be trying to make it a storyline is pathetic.

Cut to Cynthia bringing breakfast and a gift to Peter for his birthday. She gives him a bible. What? Peter does not care about the bible, he just wants to get laid. I am painfully over Peter. Ugh. This is ridiculous and I’ve poured a second shot. Jump to a group birthday dinner for peter. Todd wants it to be a roast with everyone saying something about Peter.

Kandi is not talking to Porsha or Phaedra, and Bob arrives saying Sheree is not talking to him and she may not come to dinner. Sheree is not missing camera time for give it a minute. He’s coming. Sheree arrives and everyone wants to know how she is, but she does not want to talk about it in front of the men. I feel for Sheree, but she looks silly milking this storyline.

The roast of Peter begins. Are we supposed to believe that they did not know about the roast and they made this stuff up on the fly? I call bullshit. This was a waste of our time. Kenya is planning a divorce party for Cynthia and Phaedra. I’m not two shots in and halfway through my cocktail. Not one single person on this show has a storyline and I am offended as a viewer.

Sheree and Bob are talking. By talking, of course I mean Sheree is humiliating Bob, who is garbage. I don’t get what is happening here. He did really horrible things to her and taking him back should never have been an option. Sheree is done with Bob. Translation: Sheree is not done with Bob. We are almost done and nothing interesting has happened. Why bother watching?

Time for Kenya’s divorce party for Phaedra and Cynthia.  Cynthia arrives and wants to cry at the thought of a divorce party. Dear Lord. Phaedra arrives and she is not into the party either. Kenya is trying to make a fun night but it is tanking.  Phaedra says she is sick and the girls are making fun of the holiness that is marriage. Is Phaedra high right Now? This is so stupid.

Phaedra was hooking up with another man while she was married and now she is mad? Phaedra leaves the arty and texts Porsha that she will not celebrate the breaking up of a family, plus Kenya was trying to get with Apollo. This show is stupid and these women are giving us nothing. Kenya and Apollo was two years ago so why the hell talk about it again now?

Phaedra is full of shit. She is using Kenya to deflect from how dirty she really is.  Is Phaedra blaming Kenya for her husband being a pig? I like Kenya and of this entire cast, she is the only one I would want to be friends with in real life. I am sick of these itches turning on Kenya whenever they need to deflect us off the fact that they have nothing to talk about it.

Kenya is calling out Phaedra on her shit. I would have hit her too, but that’s just me. Lenya suggests they pray, but Phaedra doesn’t want to pray. Really? The woman of God doesn’t want to pray? Phaedra is full of shit and her time on this show should be done.  Porsha lets the girls know Phaedra’s divorce is final. Oops. Porsha is so stupid that it is actually funny.

Hawaii comes to an end and not a minute too soon. I did two shots and one and a half cocktails. Not good people. These women are so thirsty it is sucking the life right out the show. We need Nene back to fix what is broken.I”m not believing what hate say and more importantly, I am not invested as much as I am simply addicted to their not keeping it real.