January 23, 2019

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Week 15 Recap

Typos are lovingly brought to you by Sedated.

This is my second Beverly Hills blog of the day. I drinking TheraFlu instead of tequila and I must say, not as good. I better be feeling better by next week or I may have to impale myself. I love the Housewives, but they are not nearly as entertaining without a drink. Know it. It is time for the trip to Hong Kong. Everyone is fake packing and while LVP dogs are fabulous and Erika’s travel routine in fascinating, Rinna talking to her dog is just sad. Not in a feel bad for her way, but rather in a fire her way. I am painfully over Rinna.

The flying outfits of these women is hilarious and Erika’s is the only outfit that makes sense. Sidebar: Kyle sleeping with her mouth open was funny as shit. They have arrived in Hong Kong and I imagine it will get real ugly, real fast. The hotel is spectacular. Everyone is exhausted, but going to meet for drinks, which is scripted stupidity. The outfits to meet in the hotel for a drink after flying all day is just odd. I get they are on TV, but the Atlanta bitches would have been dressed more appropriately. Erika looks amazing, but it silly at this point.

Eden hits on Erika, then says she is meeting a stranger in New York. She has never met him in person, but is going to great him in a NYC hotel room naked in bed. Don’t get it, think she is an idiot, and have never been more certain she does not belong here. Ugh. LVP speaks of her documentary on the Yulin dog slaughter. She invites everyone to come, but Kyle and Erika are going shopping, while Rinna and Eden are going sightseeing. Dorit says she will go with LVP to support her. Good for her. Eileen doesn’t say what she’s doing. Hasn’t read the script I guess.

Eileen and Dorit visit Rinna, which is stupid. Eileen says she is going to go with LVP to see what her documentary is all about. Bravo. Rinna is full of shit and nothing she says matters. LVP is getting ready to go to work for the dogs and is emotional. Kyle goes to visit her and Eileen calls to say she is going with LVP, who is surprised and touched. Back to Rinna, she asks Dorit if she spread rumors about her having a drug problem. Oy vey. Rinna is a ridiculous twat and I feel bad for Dorit. Rinna is so thirsty she is trying to deflect and suck someone into her rejection.

Dorit did nothing wrong and Rinna is desperate. Dear Lord. I hate Rinna. She says someone told her, then said it was a sixth sense. Rinna is painfully stupid. Whatever. Kyle ad Erika are walking around and showing us Hong Kong before Erika gets back to bashing her mom. Not cool and not at all interesting. Rinna is out with Eden, who is invisible and I can skip over the whole thing. LVP shoes her hard work to Dorit and Eileen, who are both moved by her dedication to the cause of giving the dogs of Yulin. I like Eileen for the first time and LVP is amazing.

After skipping over Erika and Kyle, we find ourselves back with Eden and Rinna and I just can’t. Ugh. Rinna is pathetic and Eden is useless on this show.  Rinna is talking about her sixth sense again and I want to smack her. Really hard. I’m done with Rinna. Everyone is getting ready for dinner on a junk boat. The outfits are ridiculous and Eden looks silly. Rinna is really loud. Dorit jumps right in, asking who said she said Rinna had a drug problem. It is on. Rinna is hunting for Dorit. Probably in an attempt to make her not the only one hated. Dorit is holding her own.

Dorit says Rinna is changing her story. Rinna is being aggressive, then says she does not really have a sixth sense. Oh. My. God. Kyle moves next to LVP because she gets nervous, and nobody thinks Dorit did or said anything wrong, other than Erika, who now has a hard on for Dorit. Clearly Erika is still pissed Dorit’s husband checked out her hoo-hah. Erika is now being a bitch to Dorit and it is a shame because Erika’s looks bad for the first time. Next week is going to get dirty so I hope my cold s gone and I can have a cocktail while keeping it real.