June 25, 2019

Real Housewives of Atlanta Week 7 Recap

Typos are lovingly provided by Jose Cuervo.

I am hanging onto this show by a thread. It is mean and dirty and the fun is gone. They can’t fake their way through these friendships and it shows. The women do not like each other, so watching them together makes it painful to watch. By painful of course I mean my liver suffers. There is a lot of tequila being consumed in my home to blog this show. I might have to walk away at some point because me and Jose are tired. I'm doing bullet points to end my misery faster.

– Porsha is babysitting for Phaedra
– The bomb scare is 100% crap
– Porsha babysitting is pathetic
– Phaedra is pretending she hasn’t been dating
– Phaedra is a horrible actress
– Sheree is helping her son be a model
– Dear Lord
– More Hadid wannabes
– This isn’t happening for him
– Bless him
– Kenya is in an abusive relationship
– This storyline is very sad
– It is also stupid
– I feel for Kenya and Matt
– They need to wrap it up
– Cynthia has bought a new house
– I could not possibly care any less
– Phaedra sets up a dinner with Kandi
– Through her assistant
– Bullshit
– Kandi talks a lot of smack about Phaedra
– I don’t like anyone who works for Kandi
– Todd is a leech
– I am making another cocktail
– I am also folding laundry
– Mother of the bomber comes by
– Phaedra is pathological
– This storyline is desperate
– Kandi and Phaedra should cage fight
– Kandi is out for Phaedra
– Phaedra is out for Kandi
– I need to go out for more tequila
– Porsha includes new boyfriend at family dinner
– He says he loves her
– Blah, blah, blah
– Kenya’s dad has come to humiliate Matt
– This whole thing is horrible
– Fight for the man who abuses you!
– Kenya’s house is beautiful
– I can’t watch this anymore
– I’m going to empty the dishwasher
– Sheree is asking Cynthia for modeling advice
– Make this stop
– Kenya’s dad is to meet Matt
– This is mortifying
– Kenya is acting a fool
– Matt is a fool
– Matt is bailing on the meeting
– Then Matt shows up
– Whatever
– I have got to skip over this
– Time for the Phaedra/Kandi sit down
– Kandi is calling out Phaedra on her crap
– Kandi is weird about her Mama
– Phaedra works from the gutter
– This friendship is over
– This show should be over
– Kandi is in control
– Phaedra is telling lies on her lies
– Kandi is laughing in Phaedra’s face
– I love Jose Cuervo
– Where the hell is Nene?
– We need her back to keep it real