June 26, 2019

Real Housewives of Atlanta Week 4 Recap

Please forgive me for being so late with this blog. You’ve been waiting days, so let’s jump right in! We begin with Cynthia playing fake tennis with her daughter and I can’t. This woman is not funny or entertaining. Bless her. I’m going to go make a drink and meet you back here when she’s done. Over to Sheree, she is with her son Kairo, who has grown into a gorgeous young man. Her daughter Kahleigh is a teenager and it is nice to see them grown up and doing well since we met them so many years ago. Sheree tells her kids her house is ALMOST ready to move in.

Dear Lord. This house is ridiculous already. It makes no sense that the house has taken so long. Kairo says he won’t even move into the house because he’ll be at school. That is so sad. Sheree is funny and filling a Nene void, but the house and the ex cannot possibly STILL be her storyline. The same thing for years and years already. Sheree is waiting for Bob to apologize for cheating and keeping money from his kids, but she says anything is possible. Really? When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time. Tthen run away really, really fast.

We jump to Kandi who has gone to visit her mom with baby Ace. Mama Joyce is going to babysit, but wants to be paid. This woman is an ungrateful, selfish, gross, mess. Seriously. Kandi is telling her mom about Riley’s dad’s girlfriend coming to see her. Joyce points out that Block owes 50K in child support, and has the money, but won’t pay it. She then says that people take advantage of Kandi and I am laughing into my Jose because she takes more advantage of her daughter than anyone else on the planet. Joyce says no money no visit, but Kandi is going to play it cool.

Cut to Phaedra meeting up with Kenya. As if this would ever happen if the cameras were not rolling. Phaedra is now the yenta of the group. She better get a storyline right quick or I’ll have to skip over her too. I love you Jose. For real. Phaedra is asking Kenya for help with her foundation. She is doing an event for the kids of Flint, Michigan. Good for her. Kenya is going to give a class on etiquette and being a lady. Bless her. Phaedra is going to do laser tag for the girls to talk about fundraising. No notice to the girls but they’ll all be there. Script much?

Time for Sheree to meet Bob. Is it just me or does anyone else think Bob is a loser who is latching onto Sheree for another 15 minutes? He brings nothing to the table. Nothing. Sheree looks gorgeous and Bob is in his pajamas. She is waiting for him to be something he will never be. Bless her. Bob says sorry, but it is half ass. She reminds us he brought women to THEIR home for sex, and she is thinking about taking him back? Did I hear her correctly? Jose is laughing at this madness. Sheree accepts his apology and I wonder, exactly how stupid is Sheree?

Cut to Cynthia in LA with her daughter. Time for me to empty the dishwasher, fold some laundry, and make out with Jose for a minute. I love you Mr. Cuervo. Jump to Phaedra’s night of laser tag. The full make up and lashes are making me laugh. Sheree is going after Kenya and Porsha is letting all her aggression out. Laser tag ends and it is time to eat and have Phaedra pitch the girls to raise money and work for free. She wants them to sell their products for charity. Hair products and dildos are going to raise money for kids? Really? Are we almost done?

Kenya says she’s heard Sheree is talking shit about her, namely by calling her a whore. Sheree says Kenya is a hooker and Kenya stays cool and collected. I am digging me some Kenya. Phaedra is trying to settle it all down and talk charity, but Sheree and Kenya and bitching back and forth. Dear Lord. Sidebar: What is worse? Being a whore or taking back a man who brought a whore into your bed for sex? Just saying. Kenya says Sheree is wearing a Mama Joyce wig and here’s the thing, she is. Kandi is upset about that, but not enough to stop eating the free food.

We are back in LA with Cynthia and it is a shame because my laundry is done and the dishwasher is empty, so all I can do it take a shot of Cuervo and hope the fake crying only lasts for a minute. Back to Atlanta, Kandi is in the car when Riley’s dad calls. That was clearly not planned, said nobody ever. I don’t get this storyline and think it is sad and hurtful to Riley. I love watching these women and have no shame in saying they scare the shit out of me. Not a lot of storylines happening, but they are good TV and it is still early, so I am hanging on and keeping it real.