June 26, 2019

President Elect Donald Trump

It is a very sad day for America. I understand how last night happened, but I will never understand why it happened. I cannot wrap my head around Trump as President, nor can I imagine his wife as First Lady. I went to bed last night before the official winner was announced because I simply could not watch it any longer and thought perhaps I would wake up to sanity.

Instead I woke up this morning and to a world that is scary on levels that are debilitating. Gay marriage will be abolished, abortion will be illegal, healthcare will vanish for millions, immigration will be ruined, and my Canadian Passport will be more valuable than gold. My son came into my room at 5:00 am and said he was very sad about the outcome of many things voted on this election.

He said Trump was the least of his worries because with a Republican House and Senate, the country would step back in time to embrace parts of our history that took so long to change. How do I tell him everything will be okay when I don’t think it will? How do I ensure him his future is still bright when I am so worried about the country we call home and love so much?

My heartache is not only about Trump. I am heartbroken the woman I believed in did not take the time to tell me she appreciated my support and everything was going to be okay. It was her duty and obligation to give me a sliver of comfort and she didn’t. I expected Trump to be a sore loser, but am disappointed on an epic level that Hillary Clinton didn't talk to us.

America has spoken and I now see my country and so many of her citizens differently. I am shocked by the level of hate, racism, untolerance, and stupidity. I do not feel safe or optomistic, and I weep for the changes that are coming. We set our clocks back an hour and woke up 100 years in the past. This is not my America and Donald Trump will never be my President. 

We are going from Barak Obama, the first African American President, to a man endorsed by the KKK. We are going from Michelle Obama, a First Lady who is a role model and the epitomy of class, to a chick who plagiarizes and we've all seen naked. America is now a laughing stock, markets will tank, and enemies are plotting against us at this very moment.

At the end of the day life will go on. Donald Trump may surprise us and do good things. I could marry Prince Harry! The point is we don't know what the future will bring, but we will be okay. Trump is our 45th President and there have been good and bad leaders, and we have always come out on top. The United States of America is a wonderful country. Period. 

I cannot imagine a day will come when I support this government. AlI I can do is pray the next four years pass quickly and safely.  I'm pretty sure if given the choice I would take Kanye over Trump in 2020 because I am repulsed by our new President, and frankly every member of his family. I am off to refill my Xanax prescription for that may be the only way I am able to keep the faith.