June 26, 2019

Election Day

I have been both dreading and looking forward to election day 2016 for a long time. I really just need for the madness to stop. It is a sad time for the greatest country in the world. I am not even sure with this election season if we can claim that title anymore. The palpable hatred is heartbreaking. Whether a political ad or simply my Facebook feed, it is a dark and shameful time.

I don’t know how we will recover and feel sad for my son that his first time voting in a Presidential election has had the joy sucked out of it. The excitement of the process is gone and that is horrible for so many young people who have embraced this time in their lives. You only get to vote for President for the first time, one time, and no matter what side you are on the joy is gone.

I have been an immigrant three times in my life. I always wanted to move to America and am blessed to have lived here for 24 years. My son was born in LA and will raise his family here because it is his home. I am worried for him and his future. Regardless of what anyone’s political party is, I cannot understand how anyone would think Donald Trump is good for the country.

It is impossible to fathom that this man, this joke, could lead our country. His 15 minutes are up today. Voting is powerful and important. It cannot, should not, and must not be wasted. If you are blessed to be a citizen of America then you must vote. Every single vote matters and your voice deserves to be heard. I believe good will conquer evil and right will prevail over wrong.

I believe and I pray because today has promise and hope. We need to get serious. If Donald Trump is elected President of the United States, we will no longer be the greatest country in the world. That is the truth and while I am not a political writer, and usually keep my politics to myself, enough. The madness ends today.  I am hopeful, I am with her, and I am keeping the faith.