November 18, 2018

The 2016 Israeli Entrepreneur, Life-changing Apps And More –This Week from the Startup Nation

2016 Israeli Entrepreneur Profile – A 36 Year-Old Tel Aviv University Graduate

With the help of their data unit, GeekTime went over all the startups that raised money or were acquired over the past year in order to compile a profile of the 2016 entrepreneur.

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Women's High Tech Status Improves in 2016

Israeli high tech is still almost completely dominated by men. The proportion of women entrepreneurs, those founding and/or managing startups, is estimated at a mere 10%. Figures compiled by the Ethosia research company for women in 2016 show a minor improvement. The proportion of women programmers in the industry in Israel is currently 22%, but the trend is encouraging, with the figures showing a consistent increase in the proportion.

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Hands-Free Communication While Driving

The Bazz app is premised on the assumption that many people can’t overcome the temptation to drive and text despite knowing it’s dangerous. Once you’ve installed the app on your Android device, it activates automatically when you start driving and turns off when you stop. You can connect it by Bluetooth and choose the volume and reading speed.