November 18, 2018

Israel in Pictures – From Fire and Drought to a Raging Storm

Israel has been through a rough week, with wildfire raging inside forests and cities, leaving thousands without a home.  Some of the fires were caused by arsonists, some were caused due to negligence, but it was rough weather conditions and unbearable drought that made it so difficult for the firefighters to battle the flames, leaving such massive destruction.

Last night, finally, the rain came, in a much-anticipated storm, first one of the year.

Amateur photographer Edmont Pogoriler, followed the destruction path of the fire in Zikhron Ya'akov where he lives, and then beautifully captured the storm as it covered Israel's skies.

He gladly agreed to share his documentation with us.



The fire in Zikhron Ya'akov – one of the most destructive fires to hit Israel last week