November 19, 2018

Supermoon, Hands-Free Phone, “SmartTap” And More -This Week from the Startup Nation

Hands-Free Phone Opens Worlds for Paralyzed Users

Sesame Enable, a Caesarea-based company that allows people to control their cellphones without using their hands, has reached more than 1,200 customers globally, including in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon, in the three years since it was set up.

Founded by Giora Livne and Oded Ben Dov, the startup allows disabled people to control their Android smartphones by using voice and head movements. After Sesame Enable software is installed, users are able to make calls, send messages and even play video games like Candy Crush and Angry Birds by using the phone’s front-facing camera.

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A View of the Super Moon from Israel

The world looked to the skies on Monday night to view the super moon which showed its shining face for the first time since 1948 .With pictures being uploaded of the impressive phenomenon from around the globe, Israel also managed to get a glimpse and grab a few snaps of its own.

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Put Your Own Face into a Keypad Full of Emojis

There are so many emoji options nowadays, but still, sometimes you can’t find exactly the right icon to get across your mood or concept. That’s why so many apps offer create-your-own emojis including some with the faces of pop stars. But why use their faces when you can use your own?

The Israeli startup Panimood hopes to answer that question with Moojis, a free iOS and Android app. Users snap a selfie and the app processes it, via a proprietary image-processing algorithm, into a portrait that you can then manipulate with simple tools to fashion different Moojis.

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Gett Offers Hurried New Yorkers New Car Pool Service

Carrie Bradshaw may not have to struggle anymore in her quest to find elusive taxis in New York. Gett, the Israeli rideshare startup, has just started a carpooling service for New York City.

The company, which is already providing New Yorkers with $10 fixed fare rides in Manhattan, is now offering them “Gett Together,” — a new service that will provide commuters in Manhattan with $3 direct rides at a flat rate, helping make up for the lack of public transport along the East and West Sides, the company said, and offering an alternative to buses and subway.

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Israeli Smartphone App Lets Cars 'Communicate' to Prevent Crashes

Users of an Israeli dashboard camera app powered by artificial intelligence will now be able to connect to the world’s first smartphone-based vehicle- to-vehicle (V2V) network, sharing roadside dangers with nearby cars in hopes of preventing collisions.

The Israel/US-based startup Nexar announced the network’s launch on Tuesday, linking together drivers who have been using the app since its release in February. Available in San Francisco and New York, and intending to expand to additional cities in the near future, the Nexar network features real-time warning technologies by employing smartphones alone, according to the company.

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