January 21, 2019

The Israeli Innovation Center, A $1.7 Billion Deal And More – This Week from the Startup Nation

Nanotech Breakthrough Prints Human Tissue from Stem Cells

It’s the stuff of science fiction: technology that can print a human organ. But the first step towards turning big-screen fantasy into everyday reality has been taken by Israel’s Nano Dimension, which makes 3D printers.

Through a collaboration with another Israeli company, biotechnology firm Accellta of Haifa, Nano Dimension has been able to mix human stem cells into its 3D printer ink. When expelled through the more than 1,000 tiny nozzles of a Nano Dimension DragonFly 3D printer, the ink can form into human tissue.

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Peres Launches Israeli Innovation Center

Former president Shimon Peres launched the new Israel Innovation Center in a special ceremony at the Peres Center for Peace on Thursday morning. The Israeli innovation center will present the story of Israel as the “start-up nation” which now stands at the forefront of technology and science and spearheads groundbreaking Israeli inventions which have dramatically change the lives of millions around the world.

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Healthcare Hackathon Organizers Seek to be ‘Light Unto Others’

The vision behind a threeday hackathon held simultaneously in Israel and India was the Jewish value of being “a light unto other nations,” says Aliza Inbal, founder and director of the Pears Program for Global Innovation at Tel Aviv University. The event, the Med4Dev India Israel Affordable Healthcare Hackathon, was the brainchild of the Pears Program.

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An All-Israeli Exit: iGO Developer NNG Acquires Automotive Cyber Startup Arilou Technologies

NNF, the developer of the iGO navigational app, announced on Monday that it had acquired a controlling interest in Arilou Technologies, which provides cyber protection for vehicles. The deal, whose amount was undisclosed, is based on the acquisition of shares from existing shareholders and an injection of capital into the company. Arilou will continue its business as before, led by its current management: Co-founders CTO Gil Litichever and CEO Ziv Levi.

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Israeli Startups are Used Around the Globe

In this article, the Jerusalem Post presents 3 Israeli startups that are currently being used around the world, from shirts that can save your life, to a tool that identifies and responds to threats at sea.

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