November 19, 2018

Startup Record, Nano Dimension 3D Printer and More – This Week from the Startup Nation

Israeli Startups Raise $237m in First Week of June

There may be a slowdown in the high-tech sector worldwide but Israeli startups still don't seem to have any problems raising money. In the first week of June alone, 13 Israeli startups raised an impressive $237 million. All this follows a creditable May for Israeli startups, when among other things ridesharing app Via raised $100 million and taxi hailing app Gett (formerly GetTaxi) brought in a $300 million investment from Volkswagen.

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This Hybrid Israeli Humanitarian Startup is a Lean, Mean, Child Hunger Fighting Machine

For a number of years, there has been a growing critique within the nonprofit sector about whether the current model being used by large international aid organizations working in the developing world is really the most effective way to help local populations. With what seems as a high amount of apparent waste, it can unfortunately make many people question the value of getting involved. In hopes of reforming the aid sector, a trio of angel investors decided to try their hand at transferring some of the efficiency and scrappiness of the startup experience into the process, integrating technology and stronger business models to produce stronger results.

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Wix to Use Artificial Intelligence to Improve DIY Website Creation, the Nasdaq-listed, Tel Aviv-based do-it-yourself website development company, will start selling a new platform that will use artificial intelligence to ensure the website completely meets the requirements of the builder. Based on data gathered from the experiences of more than 86 million users, Wix has created a set of algorithms that are meant to churn out the best website for the users’ needs, after first learning about the users through a few simple questions, the company said in a statement.

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Defense Ministry to Unveil Israeli Security Technologies in France

The Defense Ministry announced that it would unveil several new Israeli security technologies at the bi-annual Eurosatory defense exhibition in Paris. The 1,500-square meter Israeli pavilion will feature products from 30 Israeli defense companies, including unmanned aerial and surface systems, air defense, and facility protection systems. Eurosatory began on Monday and will conclude on June 17.

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Israeli Firm Creates Tiny, Terrifying Pistol-Packing Robot

The tiny robot looks like your average autonomous vacuum cleaner — just another little black box rolling on the floor, until you realize: this Roomba-like creature is packing heat. An Israeli company has created a small remote-controlled robot designed for law enforcement and military use that is capable of firing a pistol, specifically for use in hostage rescue and counterterrorism operations.

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