November 20, 2018

The World’s Common Language

The language in which the lyrics are written doesn't matter when it comes to beautiful tunes. That is why I believe music is the answer to everything, including world peace, if only we put politics aside.

“Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand. With an equal opportunity for all to sing, dance and clap their hands”. In these words, Stevie Wonder describes music in the most truthful way there is. 

In music, there are no war or anger, no cultural differences, no hatred. Music is something everyone can relate and connect to. This is what brings people from across the globe together. It is what we all have in common. To me, music is everything. Whenever I don't sit in a meeting or in class, I either sing or listen to music. There is music involved in everything we do. Even if we do’t fully acknowledge it –music is the essence of our lives. From Queen to Broadway to Jay-Z to Lilly Allen. Whether it’s Rock, Jazz, R&B, Alternative or Electronic

Unfortunately, in spite of this inspirational quote, Stevie Wonder is one of the artists who expressed a strong anti- Israel opinion. But he did more than expressing his opinion – he For more updates about the day-to-day life in Israel, you can follow Israelife on Facebook