December 11, 2019

A Little Torah and Chill?

Had the Torah not been given, we would learn modesty from the cat, (to be against) theft from the flea, faithfulness from the dove, and derekh eretz (good behavior) from the rooster who obtains consent and only then has sex.” (Eruvin 100b)

Wait, how many human genders did the rabbis of the Talmud recognize? Why are there so many cool harlots in the Bible? And why is the Talmud so explicit about how often and how married couples should have sex? For that matter, why did our Rabbis sit around comparing the size of their…attributes?

On the hand: what about those texts which, for centuries, have been interpreted to mean that sex between males is a capital crime? Does our Torah really say that a woman who is raped can be forced to marry her rapist?

“>Work,Sex, Politics: What’s Judaism Got To Do With It?

We will learn together about sexual ethics, gender diversity, sexual orientation and other issues in the context of Jewish tradition and contemporary Jewish thought. The world around us is all about Valentine’s Day right now—hearts, flowers, chocolate, depression, angst and frantic efforts at the perfect date. How about some sexy sanity and Torah?