November 19, 2018

I Make Wishes

“Do you pray to God

that your sports team will win?”

“That is antithetical to everything I believe in,” he says. He continues his speech in truth about the inconceivable. “What do you think, Rabbi,” he asks.

“Oh, I think God is all.”

because I walk to the north

and find blue pansies beckoning

something other than me

with the wind.


And when I find myself in the east,

I whisper with sunlit yellows,

and linger in “the found.”


“I think God is all,” I say. “things, humans, animals, smiles, all the good, all the bad.”

For in the south, I am lost in lilies

that say, “Come. I open all the way. I simply can’t help it; summer is here.”


In the movement, God is sports.

In the sinews, God is love.

and in the west,

I make wishes.