Jewish Journal

Not Just The Parts

Moses killed an Egyptian.

Seek refuge

Falsely accused ones

Unfed ones

Unclothed ones


Come, wise seer

I invite your heart

Not just the parts that

Can help me, but all.


Let me feed you and free You

a pegasus

a dream

a wish


That you will find some refuge.


Come, homely Goddess

I invite your mind

I long for the parts that

can help me and

be cradled by you

to resist



politically, universally, interpersonally, internally.


Come, Self

I invite your soul

Not just the parts that

are empty but also

the parts that are whole.


Come, World.

I invite all

not just the parts that

I’m with, but the parts

that fear our unity


All part of this God

that lives.


Egyptians and Moses, return to

safety– all favored by One God

For love touches everything

and does not just reside above.


Blind and begging, I come.

take refuge together

Come and welcome the peace

All our Selves inside here

Neighbor, friend, foe,

I insist.