January 17, 2020

How To Sell Your Used V-twin Motorcycle

Whether it’s a blazing-fast Ducati, a mighty Harley Davidson, or some other head-turning cruiser, v-twin motorcycles are evergreen popular and too easy to fall in love with. However, there comes a time when you decide to sell your two-wheel pet. It may be because you’ve set your eyes on some other model, or because you want to put your helmet down and say goodbye to the riding life. Whatever the case may be, you have found yourself in a role of a salesman. Getting a decent price can be a turbulent path, but here’s how to get started.

Make Your Bike Shine


Although this tip is pretty obvious, you’d be surprised to know how many bike owners who are looking to sell – forget to make their bikes look attractive. Thorough cleaning is essential, so don’t overlook areas that are not that noticeable (such as the space under your seat), but will surely catch the eye of a potential buyer. Invest in touch up paints and soft wax – it will add a protective layer and give your motorcycle a fresh look. Use specific cleaning agents that have pH value somewhere within the range of 6 and 8, so you don’t damage the surface. Equip yourself with the right type of sponges and cleaning brushes. If you’re not sure how to clean your motorcycle, it’s best to hire a professional.

Set the Appropriate Price


It can be fairly hard to set the right price for your v-twin motorcycle, especially if it has sentimental value for you. There are many factors included: mileage, possible upgrades or customizations, overall mechanical state, the rarity of the model, etc. Now, prepare for a disappointment: if you’ve done some amazing custom paint job or even engine modifications, it’s unlikely these will influence the price. Buyers are typically not willing to pay up more just because the motorcycle looks unique. If it’s a restored vintage model – that’s a whole different story. You can always turn to researching the local motorcycle market to get a grip on the price range. There are also websites such as ChopperExchange where you can easily check what would be a reasonable price for your bike for free, or even put your bike for sale.

Hire a Mechanic to Run a Thorough Check-Up


Get a mechanic to thoroughly inspect your motorcycle to ensure everything is in order. Depending on your location and the legal regulations of the area, you may be even required to own a safety certificate that proves your motorcycle is not dangerous to ride, i.e. the new owner is not at risk and all technical issues are taken cared of. The mechanic should check the tires (possible cracks, flat spots, or damages), a spark plug, battery, cables, lights, and of course – brakes. Ensuring that your bike is in optimal condition reflects responsible ownership, as well as the safest possible test ride for buyers that are interested in sealing the deal with you.

Have Your Paperwork Ready


In addition to being honest about the actual state of your motorcycle and its history, you have to prepare all the paperwork needed for transferring ownership title. You need to have a proof of ownership, all warranty and maintenance records, financial details, registration book, etc. Selling your motorcycle with proper documentation adds more weight and feels assuring to buyers. Don’t hesitate: if you get a price offer you’re pleased with, have all the documents ready so you can sell right away. It’s not very wise to simply let your buyer walk away just because you didn’t prepare yourself.

As the last takeaway: if you’re determined to sell your motorcycle on your own, putting an ad in newspapers won’t be of much help. A traditional “for sale” sign is a better choice, but going online is definitely the best way to sell your bike. Follow these simple steps and you’ll sell in no time!


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