January 19, 2020

Effective Car Maintenance To Keep You On The Go

If you are the sole owner of your car, proper maintenance of the car is a responsibility you have to fulfill on your own. It is true that car maintenance is a time-consuming and expensive affair, but eventually, your investment will offer good returns in the long run. Since nothing happens magically, you need to develop the habit of taking care of the car on a regular basis instead of depending on others to help you with reminders like the oil change or tire rotation. The lines below will guide you with certain basic things to do for effective car maintenance.

What You Should Do Daily


Car Inspection – Get into the habit of checking your car every day especially leaks in the tires and any broken accessories or lights such as the warning lights.

Smelling and Listening – Experts opine that paying attention to the smells and sounds in the car can offer assistance in understanding any underlying problem. If you smell or get any weird sound from your car, go through the owner’s manual to evaluate the problem and find a solution immediately so that your investment doesn’t go down the drain.

Give Attention to What Your Car Says – For example, if your car’s “check engine” light is glowing; there may be an issue with the emission system of your car like bad oxygen sensor that can adversely affect the fuel usage in your car. Instead of ignoring such signs, get these issues solved right away to avoid more expensive repairs later on.

Annual check-up


It is crucial that you have your car checked annually. Full inspection of your car in a year ensures that the car is running efficiently without any mechanical issues. The yearly check-up should include checking your car’s suspension, steering, tires, brakes, charging system, and battery. This check-up should also include reference to the required service by the manufacturer and the vehicle computer system to look for updates.

Garage for Protection


To safeguard the interior of your car, you should park it in a shaded area and use window deflector screen or apply UV protection to keep the vinyl and plast



ic from getting dry. At night, the garage is the best place to keep the car protected from all kinds of damage and dirt. Keeping your garage organized can help you make the most of this space for safe keeping of your car.

DIY Tips for Car Care


Here are some Do It Yourself (DIY) maintenance tips for ensuring that your car functions to its fullest potential all the time:

After every 5,000 miles change the motor oil of your car.
After every 12,000 miles change the air filter in your car.
Make sure that your car tires are rotated after every 5,000-10,000 miles.


You are solely responsible for your car so keep it clean as much as possible. Don’t forget to wax your car every 6 months (at least) to keep the paint protected and to give the car a good look. And most importantly, don’t treat your car interior like a trash can. Make it a habit to clean the interior regularly so that you can enjoy your rides in the car and offer lifts without any hesitation (of course, it will also add to the resell value of your car).

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