November 18, 2018

A Moment in Time: When Small Things Make a Big Impression

Dear all,
IMG_0735This incredible photo appeared on my Facebook feed last week.  Perhaps it did on some of yours as well.  I am in awe of the photo.  But it made an even greater impression on a different level.
While our lives are finite, our soul print has no boundaries. The little things we do during our short window of time can have larger than life implications.
The smallest of gestures can inspire others toward goodness.
The simplest of expressions can transform others with motivation.
Our body language,
Our ability to be receptive,
Our willingness to embrace,
Our capacity to show empathy …
In a world where uncertainty has mounted (especially in the past few weeks), we need more than ever to make a difference through one another.  One person at a time.  One heartbeat at a time.  One moment in time.
With love and Shalom,
Rabbi Zach Shapiro