November 18, 2018

Trevor Noah Eats Brisket with Jackie Mason at Hadassah Dinner

Trevor Noah, future Daily Show host, came under fire a few weeks ago for past “>bloggers, including those at the “>Mets game.  It was also announced that Noah will appear on upcoming “>palling around, “>“spontaneous” photo ops with a prominent Jew within a week or two of the uproar, comedians, especially The Daily Show's Jon Stewart, would be crying the “some of my best friends are Jewish” card and ridiculing the move as an insult to the public’s intelligence. And yet, I haven’t seen or heard a joke about it. Is this comedians’ “blue” wall of silence?

And what about Seinfeld? Isn’t this situation similar to the dentist on his show who converted to Judaism so he could tell Jewish jokes?

You may feel that I have no right to be so hard on Jerry,

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