February 27, 2020

A Moment in Time: Losing Your Cool

Dear all,
I was in line to exchange an item at our local “bull’s-eye” store today. The guy next to me was loudly berating the cashier who had denied his refund.
I don’t know the reason for the denial. I don’t know the entirety of the communication. But I do know that the cashier was on the verge of tears. And it made me really sad.
We’ve all been frustrated when we are denied something. But when we lose our cool, we become the worst versions of ourselves.
So at the moment in time when you feel your blood level rising, stop and ask yourself three questions:
1) How will my words and actions affect those around me?
2) How will my words and actions affect me?
3) How will my words and actions affect those not around me right now – but who will interact with me (or anyone who witnessed the interaction) later on?
It’s possible to be assertive without being aggressive. And it’s imperative to be mindful that our words and actions make an impression.
With love and Shalom,
Rabbi Zach Shapiro

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