February 18, 2020

A Moment in Time: Hanukkah – Miracles Don’t Happen on Their Own

Dear all,
Miracles don’t happen on their own.
Even the big episodes of the Bible … (the Burning Bush, the Parting of the Sea, and the Walls of Jericho) or the post-Biblical events (the story of Hanukkah) … all of these took lots of moving parts. Visionaries had to convince others. Participants had to organize. Movers had to schlep.
It was more than one cataclysmic event in a vacuum!
The birth of our twins was certainly a miracle, and Ron and I celebrate their life and their light each day, especially during this Hanukkah season. But we also recognize that it took lots of perseverance to get here, and it will take incredible stamina moving forward.
No, miracles don’t happen on their own. They are about time, place, people, and spirit. So if you experience a miracle this week consider:
What brought my soul to this place so I could recognize it?
Who helped me get here?
How will I adjust my life moving forward?
When you take a moment in time to reflect on these – perhaps THAT is the true miracle!
With love and shalom,
Rabbi Zach Shapiro

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